OT- I am so happy it is Thursday (Hit Me Baby One More Time)

I love “Hit Me Baby One More Time” so much it is a little sick. :verysad:

My DH is addicted to it… :roflhard:

DH has begged me to record it for the last 3 weeks, and he has yet to watch any of the episodes. I didn’t watch it tonight, becasue i was mad that that chick “won” lst week. besides, it’s not like it’s survivor or anything.

and speaking of this show making me mad, i couldn’tbelieve vanilla ice when he was on a few weeks ago!!! when he was on the surreal life a few years ago he SWORE how much he hated himself and his fake lifestyle back in the 90s and he’d never do it again. his cover of survivor was okay, but i just think he’s a total sellout now.

I just couldn’t believe Vanilla Ice won :shock: What up with that?

pretty much i have decided whoever was the biggest start back in their day will win. :rollseyes: Wang Chung’s cover of “Hot in Here” was awesome and should have won hands down.

yeah, but I thought the Knack rocked…great job on “Are you Gonna be my girl” thought they had it. Haven’t watched it since though.

I watch it every week too. DH can’t stand the host so he won’t watch.

I forgot who I liked/disliked on the first episode.

I thought The Motels did the ‘old’ song best.
I thought The Knack did the ‘new’ song best.
The Motels’ “Don’t Know Why”… argh… butchered…

Cameo rocked. both songs! we thought they should have won.
Irene Cara, tho I have liked her since ‘Fame’, needed to take a chill pill - too hyper! she was okay in her first song but we didn’t like the second one.
Howard Jones sounded good on his old song - actually nailed it. the Dido song was just ‘okay’. not bad tho.
didn’t care for Sophie B or Wang Chung.

Billy Vera nailed his old song.
Thelma Houston nailed “Falling”.

that’s what DH said.

Hey, who moderated this mods post? I like my title… it has suspense, it had intrigue…

[size=2]:waving: You can change it back if you want…I was worried that you wouldnt get as many visitors…I thought “Hit Me Baby…” is a much more popular phenomenon than “Thursday”. :shifty:[/size]

I just thought it was funny :wink:

Yeah…like “Who is watching the WATCHERS”??

I guess it’s a good thing when all we have to mod are other mods. :rofling:

:crying: I was just trying to HELLLLLLP! :crying: