OT: I am planning to spend my tax refund on YARN~~!

I havent’ even gotten my W2 's yet so I can file… I am expecting them by the 30th but I am already window shopping for more yarn online~~ I am visiting LittleKnits almost daily to see what else is on sale??~ :happydance: :happydance: I am already trying to decide how much YARN BUDGET to take from my refund…
I haven’t even gotten an estimate of my refund yet :oops: ~~I think I have become a yarn addict?? :?? :heart: :heart: :heart: :cheering:

I owed money last year. :pout:

Not sure about this year yet.

sigh I miss tax refunds.

Bummer~ on last year… : :grrr:
Hopefully better this year~!! :cheering: :cheering:

DH and I are lucky enough to get a good bit back b/c I claim single and none since he is self-employed to help cover the cost of his taxes. At the end of the year we claim married and pick up dependents. This year will be nice b/c we did pretty well last year and now we have 11 months of house interest to write off too! :slight_smile: WOOHOO!!! Next year, we’ll add another dependent since little Aaron is scheduled to be here on Friday!

Unfortunately…we typically put our refund towards my student loans…this year I think we are going to pay of the remaining balance on my car. I’d love to spend it on yarn…or my yard!

If I get any refunds I’m gonna use 'em to stay afloat.

Hmmmmm…yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarn. I reorganized my stash last night. Oooooo what a nice feeling.

We get a small one, but it’ll go to the credit card. :doh:

Me too. With two teens playing travel sports, VISA and I are very close. :oops:

I should be getting at least a thousand dollars…maybe even $2000. I didn’t find out that I wasn’t supposed to be paying any taxes until like middle of the year, so my paychecks from July and onward are all tax-free, but I totally overpaid my taxes in the first half of the year. I’ll probably use half of that for student loans and blow the other half on whatever I feel I “need” at the time. :teehee:

Man! I wish I could blow mine on yarn…we’re getting almost $3000, but between furnishing and making payments on our new house, I think my yarn budget’s going to be gasping for air! :teehee:

Don’t feel too bad for me.

Grandpa won $10,000. Guess who got to claim? The person in the house with the lowest income! :roll:

He also gave me money out of the 10k AND paid off my taxes, because that’s the only reason I owed money. [size=2]And he bought me a new car this year.[/size] :oops: Grandpa totally spoils me. :heart:

My dad does taxes and accounting for a living.

We get refunds VERY far in advance, but I wish we could spend it on nice yarn!!!

Last year we got ALOT of taxes back, but we used every penny on an extra payment towards the house. We bought it at the beginning of this year. We have a great mortgage deal - once a year we can send in an extra payment up to 5% of the original loan amount. If we manage the maximum every year - which I doubt we will, but we will try to get close - we will have the house paid off in 9 years! :cheering: Without any extra payments it would take us a whopping 27 years to pay it off. :pout:

I’ll do the sensible thing and use my refund towards my credit card…how boring, but at least I’ll keep to my New Year’s resolution!

I’m pretty sure I will have to pay this year… and that’s a scary thought. :oops: I have to get them done because I’m really confused on how to do it… I’m married, but we file separate because he has to pay child support so the state takes that. Plus I was laid off this year AND my house was foreclosed. It just wasn’t a good year… :verysad: