OT: I am drawing Dane Cook(stand up comic)


that’s where I put my pictures of the drawing. I dont know how many of you know of him, but he is awesome and you should check out his website for clips and shtuff


I know this is waaaay off topic but i cant help it! :smiley:

Amazing. Really… very very nice job! I’ve done portraits myself, I know what it takes. You’re wonderful at it. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :smiley: I can’t wait to hang it on my wall :smiley:

That is some really fine work there…

Now onto your name… you aren’t talking about 1 of my 3 favorite comics I read every day are you?

WOW!!! I’m impressed. Very nice job! :thumbsup:

Well, if you mean Dane Cook, then yes maybe. If you mean “humblestumble” or “angela”, lol I don’t know what you mean. I just made up “humblestumble” as a screenname once because I don’t like to brag. If you know a comic strip like that name, I’d like to see it!

And thanks for the compliments ekgheiy and norman. :smiley:

No if only he will post a response at his message board…

Yeah no problems… I alwayts admire people that can draw…

And yes, The Humble Stumble is one of my most favorite comics