OT: I am a little embarassed ~

I go to school part time/ work full time :thud: anyhoo… I have been on the dean’s list for the last couple of semseters at college. Well, I get a letter in the mail this week inviting me to join Phi Kappa Phi (sp) and it’s a national honor society but what is really cool about (IMHO) is that it puts out a list of students/names and the professors and other members get to vote on who they want to invite…
anyhoo… so I get this letter and was excited and flatterd :oops: and I told my mom and asked her if she wanted to go. Of course she said yes. I am going to this for 2 reasons: 1) it will look good on paper and on applications when applying to graduate school 2)it is mandatory to attend the banquet to be inducted…
well: here’s my dilemma: it’s $45 dollars for me to join(yearly dues) and $15 for each additional guess. Well I have a small family but my mom wanted me to ask my brother if he wanted to come too. To my amazement he wants to come, and his wife, and his son ( another $45) … well money is tight for most of my family and so I don’t feel right asking them to pay…~~ so now I have to cough up $105 for my family to come…
Don’t get me wrong; I :heart: myfamily dearly, and I am very humbled that the professors and other students invited me to attend but I DON’T HAVE THAT KINDA CASH RIGHT NOW~! a
anyway~ what started out kinda simple has be come more complicated~
I am rethinking if i wanna go or not~!

First of all, congratulations! :cheering:

Does your family realize that you are having to pay for them to be able to attend the banquet? I’m guessing maybe you didn’t tell your mom about the cost because it was just $15, but then it suddenly snowballed into more people wanting to attend, and they don’t realize how much it’s going to cost you? I think you should let them know how much it’s going to cost you for all of them to attend. Since you’ve said that money is tight for most of your family, I’m sure they would understand. Either they will reevaluate how many of you should attend the banquet, or maybe they will really want to help pay if it’s important to them to be there. If it was me, I’d want to know that it was going to cost a family member that much to have us attend.

I think it’s important for you to go, and I bet your family wouldn’t want you to give this up because of the cost of having so many people there.

Good luck! :hug:

Congratulations! I would tell your Mother about the cost, and maybe they’ll offer to pay for themselves to go.

I don’t know how your family is, but can’t you just tell your brother that you can’t afford to pay for his whole family? That you’d be happy to pay for him, but if he wants to bring everyone else, he’ll have to cover it? I don’t think that is so out of line. In fact, if my mom had told me to invite my sister, I’d ask her to pay for it.

I don’t know a lot of families are uncomfortable with money discussions. We don’t have that problem, luckily.

And CONGRATULATIONS. Are you a junior? If so, your invitation means you are in the top 7.5% of second semester juniors in the country. You should be very proud!

Welcome, fellow Phi Kappa Phi member! :cheering: Good job!

You need to talk to your family about the cost. :shrug:

:hug: If they are this supportive, I’m sure you can work something out!

Congrats! It will definitely look good for you later in life. Is a great thing to add to a resume.

As for the cost, hey, they’re family. They’ll understand and will probably be more than happy to pay for their tickets.

CONGRATULATIONS :cheering: :cheering:
I, too, think that you should tell your family about the cost and that you should NOT miss out! They will certainly understand.

T hank you guys for your kind words~!

Definitely dont’ skip it due to the banquet cost! Explain to your brother that if he’d like to come, it will be $15 per person. Tell him you’d love to have his support, and (if you can afford it) you’d be happy to spring for his ticket, but you can’t afford his whole family. He can decide the rest on his own. Dont’ make this your problem when it’s NOT. :slight_smile:


i’m in one of those pi kappa thingies…can’t remember the exact name. congrats for qualifying. and yes, i would tell your family the cost. you are in college, after all.