OT: I am a Lhasa Apso (when I'm not a Knitting Cat!)

Okey doke — this is pretty fun.

[size=6]What Kind Of Dog Are You?[/size]

I’m a Lowchen. It’s a French dog that I’ve never heard of.
I’m off to google it (me) now.~Brooke



shoot! i can’t get it to work… all i have is a black screen where the game should be :mad:

Oh boy, I am a Portuguese Water Dog. That was fun, but too bad you can’t read about each breed so you can see what it says about your friends.

Just got back from the NASCAR race in DOver, DE and there was a granny Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan sitting in the shade just outside of the souvenir trailer areas with her tiny little Shih Tzu in a knitted #8 jersey - I asked her if she made it and she smiled proudly, held up her purse (which was her knitting bag) and said "Yes I did! And I’m making another one for my cat!"
John said that it was a preview of things to come for me in 40 years LOL.



I’m so jealous! My DH and I are bid Nascar fans (and Jr. fans) and we watched the race this weekend. I want to knit #8 sweaters for my kitties now! I’m off to google for a pattern . . .

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Oh I am jealous.

:thinking: A Bearded Collie… awe… hmmm they look pretty lovable.

Nascar! Yay… will head to Loudin this summer.

Well, you know - they say 30 million women love NASCAR

heh heh heh

I can’t wait for fall Dover & Richmond —get to do the redneck thing all over again woohoo

Not surprising though, I was actually looking for patterns to make a Dale Jr/Mikey Waltrip sweaterlike thing for MY cat this morning. :thumbsup:
I think I need to go back to bed.