OT: I also hate ants

…I think ants outside are ok…but inside hellz no! grrrr!!! tons of ants in my clean kitchen!!!. Put ant baits places my dog can’t get them. frak ants!!!

See if you can find where they are entering your home/apt. That’s where you need to concentrate your efforts.

The few times we’ve had them I sprayed window cleaner on them to clean them up. They seem to dislike it and stop moving so it makes it easier.

Are you in an apt or home?

I’ve tried to ascertain where the censored ants are getting in, no dice. We live in the basement suite of a near 100 year old house. The front door is not properly sealed so I’m constantly doing battle with insects (and the horrid mice…)

I’m moving far, far away last week of August, too.

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We get a lot of ants here too. I hate them. I used to use a heavy duty termite spray to get rid of them before it became illegal. The guy at the store would tell me it was like swatting flies with a sledge hammer! But it sure got rid of the ants. I miss that stuff.

Put what in the wrong section? :??

I had originally inadvertently posted this thread in “Whatcha Knittin?” lol

The ant baits are working better now that I realized I had to open the holes on the sides. Hah.

If you get the ant spray that last 3 months and spray around the door frame or window frame, it sure helps. I can’t remember if it is Raid or Black Flagg.

I would like to know how they know. I understand they send out scouts who leave a trail but how do they know to come right through my wall right where my coffee is and right when I’m drinking it?

Boric Acid and sugar is supposed to kill the nest. It seemed to work slowley last year, getting fewer and fewer. But I don’t know about killing the next since they seemed to know right where to go this year.

Ants absolutely hate cinnamon. use the heavy duty stuff out of reach but in any pet areas &/or door ways lay down a light but impossible to cross without getting some on you line of cinnamon and the ants won’t cross it. I have created ant barriers against some pretty fierce infestations over the years (Texas fire ants shiver and worse). you can safely line the edges of your food cabinets and they won’t cross. The few brave who try to cross get covered in the fine dust and it clogs their air ways.
for years when doing art shows we would put insecticide by the landing jacks of our travel trailer and still get ants (most of those are baits so they actually will draw the bugs to them). But for the last 6-8 years we just buy a jumbo cheap jug of cinnamon at the dollar store and pour it on and around them and haven’t had ants since.
Good luck!

if possible follow their trail and smear/pour cinnamon on it as well.


I used chili powder before (they hate HOT, too) in the place I used to live in but the powder stained the cheap plastic flooring. :open_mouth: