OT: Hurricane in Europe yesterday

That was nuts! I had to leave the office at noon to get home before it really hit. I put all the loose flowerpots, the broom, the barbecue, etc. away so that nothing could fly around, and I reinforced the cat fence. I live right next to the river Elbe which feeds into the North Sea and which gets high & low tides because of it. So not only did I have to worry about 150 kmh (93 mph) winds battering my little house, I had to worry about the river flooding because of the wind pushing tons of sea water into the river. :pout: So that was quite a night and I didn’t get much sleep.

But all is well with me - I still need to check if all the shingles are still on the roof, but it’s still a bit dark out.

Much of Europe was hit, so I hope that the other europeans show up and let us know that they are OK!


Hi Hamburg Knitter,

I’m glad everything’s OK - I hope its all fine on the outside too.

I’m in the UK and apparently we caught the “outskirts” of the hurricane, it was quite windy and stormy, but nothing like as bad as you guys got it.

My garden is a little wrecked (it wasn’t in the best state anyway :teehee: ) with furniture and gardening tools blown all over, and my cats are totally freaked by the noises, but thats the extent of it here.

I hope everyone else is OK too - Let us know guys!!! :hug:

Well, I also survived the storm. Every bit of traffic was down here in the Netherlands. No trains, no busses, lots of traffic jams, fortunately I didn’t have to go anywhere. There are some fences blown away in the neighbourhood, but we don’t have any damage. Only the garden looks a bit wrecked, but that’s all. I think Germany had worse weather.

It was really windy here for a while and my windows were shaking. There were a lot of trees down in my neighborhood. The marina my DH works at has a good deal of damage. Otherwise, today is a beautiful spring morning! :shrug:

[color=green]This post’s Swedish word/phrase: “Jag ser solen för första gången på en vecka!” = “I see the sun for the first time in a week!”

Sweden was only hit by the “outskirts” of this storm. Sure, it was windy but not too bad.

We had a worse storm last weekend where four people died (youngest was an 8-year-old). It took two-three days to clean up the train tracks and have the trains running as normal. Some areas are still powerless from that storm and elderlies have been evacuated to hospitals and nursing homes…

Hope everyone is okey!

Glad y’all are okay guys. The pictures we saw on TV were really scary. Hope you don’t have too much of a mess to clean up. Around here we can still see the results of Hurricane Isabel over 2 years ago.

When I posted earlier, I hadn’t been out or spoken to anyone, it was a lot worse than I thought here. There is a lot of damage and flooding and sadly a few deaths, I think the last report was 12 for Britain and quite a bit more for the rest of Europe.

Britain had the storm first, and it traveled through to France then the rest of Europe, I think we had it easiest though as it gathered a bit of momentum before getting to Germany and Poland where I believe it was at its worst.

I do hope thats the last of it.

Sorry for the rant - I’m a bit of a weather freak :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Its amazing what a bit of air and water can do!

Glad to hear that ya’ll are ok… can’t imagine how scary that was… :hug:

I’m glad everyone is safe, as hurricanes are so unpredictable.
I watching the news briefs on the European storm caused Katrina/Rita flashbacks, and I am so happy I’m now far, far, far away from the Gulf Coast waters in cold, freezing Minnesota.

Glad you guys are all ok! :hug:

My mother-in-law and the rest of my husband’s family live in Northern Ireland, and they got it pretty bad as well. MIL lost a few tiles off her roof during the last big storm (a few weeks ago) so I can imagine she lost a few more this time! UTV said there were 7000 homes in N. Ireland without power! Need to call the MIL when I get home from work to make sure everyone’s ok…

:cheering: :cheering:
Glad everyone is okay so far. As long as the people and the yarn are okay… :teehee:

What a weird winter, for all of us.

How scary! Glad everyone here is okay! We went through Wilma in October 2005 and were without power for a week, so I know how terrifying it is.

I read about the storm! I’m glad you all are okay!