OT: Hummingbirds

I have put up a hummingbird feeder outside my computer room. Those little guys bring me such joy to watch. However, they really fight, and I could see that one particular one was dominant. He was driving all the others away whenever they came to eat.

So…now I have put up a few more feeders, sort of spread apart, and they STILL have to fight over them! It is really fun to see these small creatures while reading all the posts.cloud9

My hummingbirds do the same thing! We have 3 feeders, yet that little macho guy is always chasing the others away. He eats from the biggest feeder, and delegates the smaller ones to the females.

I’ve seen them fight so much that you can hear them ‘crash’ into each other. They ‘stand’ in the air and curse.:rofl:

It really is fun watching them, but sheesh! can’t they all get along?

Oh, I miss the hummingbirds! We used to live in California and we had a group of 3-4 that lived in our yard. The smallest one, a tiny female, always chased off the larger males. The feeder was right out side our living room window and they would buzz right up to the window to collect webs for their nest. I even had one land on the feeder I was carrying.

Since we’ve been in Kentucky, I’ve only seen a hummingbird once. :pout:

I love hummingbirds, they’re so pretty! I don’t see too many around here (well of course not in Boston but also in the NE area I mean) it seems pretty rare when I actually do see one. I didn’t know they fight though, hmmm.

I live in Connecticut and have put feeders up every year for almost 17 years now.

I love my hummers – they are amazing.

I had a red cardinal flower that grew in my pond last year but sadly didn’t winter well.

The hummers are still hovering over the pond looking for it this year.

I never saw them here in the Northeast until I moved to CT in 1989.

I got the brilliant idea one time to hold the feeder and let the hummers come by so I could get a close up of them. Yeah, that was smart. Those things will take on anybody, I thought they were going to drill my eyes out. :roflhard:
We have a gaggle of them in Tennessee and surprisingly we have a couple of them around my house here. They love my firebushes.

We put up hummingbird feeders this year. For a while, I thought no one was using them. Now we’ve got one male who guards them from the other male. He’ll actually sit in a tree and watch “his” feeder. He also protects “his” plants (a geranium & fuschia on the front porch). I looked online for some info shortly after I saw him chase the other male off. The males are extremely territorial. We bought another feeder, and are trying to figure out where to put it where the other guy has a chance. On the bright side, the two feeders we currently have up are front & back yards, so he can’t “guard” both of them at the same time. Oh, and apparently, for every hummingbird that you see, there are about four more using your feeder that you don’t. At least, according to the internet! :rofl:


A friend of mine was telling me that two were fighting over her feeder while her cat was below it. One chased the other too close to the ground…and kitty got a snack!!


We don’t have a feeder at our new house, but at the old one, we hung the feeder on the porch. There were big fir trees next to it and the hummingbirds would queue up, landing on the tree branch, waiting for their turn. They would squeak at each other like they were telling the guy at the feeder not to be a pig.

“Don’t bogart the nectar, Dude!”:roflhard: