OT: humidifier

I’d NEVER do that without cleaning the sink first! :shock:

same here! I have to scrub the tub if I’m even contemplating taking a bath. :teehee:

For me, it’s live and learn. My forte is NOT cleaning, but I did take apart the piping under my bathroom sink so I could clean out the clog. I even cleaned the PVC piping while I had it apart.


Well I just bought a Hunter Humidifier. Except I don’t think it’s working! :doh: My husband put a hydrometer next to it to see if it’s making a difference, but it feels like it’s just blowing out cold air. I hate having to return things… it’s such a pain! I bought a generic version of Mucinex. I couldn’t find a nasal irrigation kit at any stores I went to, so I just bought that baby bulb thing and will try the homemade method!

Well I have good news and bad news!

My DH suffers from sinus problems a lot A LOT. A new friend of ours recommended he get one of these: a NETI POT.


(this is the good news) It certainly isn’t like putting your head underwater which I just couldn’t do at all. wow. He was afraid to use it for awhile, then when he finally did, he liked it a lot and uses it often. OUr friend said it completely cleared up her sinus problems. You can get them at health food stores usually, that where we got his and it was only about $12.
You use some salt, just a little and warm water. It might help you.

The bad news is: we went through 3 maybe 4 humidifiers that were around the $50 range. They all got icky after a while and stopped working and we had to throw them away. We finally got mad and went out and paid $150 for a really good one, both hot and cold steam. It’s beautiful and it works great. If you buy a cheaper one, DON’T leave water sitting in it. Try to empty it when you are not using it. That’s what gets it rusty and yucky. Good luck! You might want to give that Neti Pot a try.