OT - Howie

Hi Kelly! I was reading over a note that you had sent with a picture of your Howie…he’s really sweet. I’m thinking of getting a puppy and am having trouble deciding on which breed best matches with our family, (basically just me and my DH). I’d like a smallish dog and one that has short hair. Did you get Howie when he was a puppy and if so how easy was it to house train him? I’m still researching other breeds too…Jack Russell’s are high on my list as well but don’t know if it may be too hyper for us…
Any wisdom you can share on raising your pup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

You can try this BREED SELECTOR

I brought Howie home the day he turned 6 weeks old. Most shelters wont let you bring them home that early, but I got Howie from a co-worker’s mom. I like puppy training, and I think that bringing them home early helps the bond along…

Howie was no problem. there are lots of ways to potty train, I happen to be fond of covering the entire floor of one room in newspaper, then removing a sheet each day until there is a VERY small area left, and bringing the soiled paper outside with you when you take the dog out. Also, THROW A PARTY every time they go in the right spot.

I took both Howie and Sophie to the Petsmart puppy classes. It was lots of fun and provided them some VERY important socialization, both with other dogs and other people. Socialization is KEY to having a confident, friendly pup!

Good luck to ya! Let me know what you decide!

Thanks Kelly! Back to the research… :??