OT: how to announce 3rd pregnancy to hubby

Hey all, this is really ot and I haven’t posted in a while-though I’ve been here. I just got a positive pregnancy test this morning! We weren’t trying and I’m not sure how my hubby will take it: he was happy with two. anyway I’m trying to figure out how to announce it to him. Any ideas?

You could put the youngest one in a “I’m the big brother/sister” tshirt and see how long it takes for him to notice! :wink:

I am sure he will take it fine…Babies are a wonderful thing! :heart: Congratulations!

Congratulations! :smiley:

Um, you could leave the test lying around where he’ll see it… I like the ‘big brother/sister’ idea too, though. Or you could just make some sly comment like “Hey, could you pick up some diapers on your way home?” (of course that only works if your other two are out of diapers… but you know what I mean).

[color=indigo][/color] :cheering: Start knitting baby stuff? That’s how Lucy did it on “I Love Lucy.” :teehee:

When I got a positive test for my second, I put it one of his socks (he used to change from dark work socks to white sweat socks every day when he came home from work.)

For my third, I went with the “Big brothers” t-shirts.

For the 4th I waited two weeks so I could give him a homemade father’s day card that said “For fatther’s day I just wanted to let you know…you’re going to be a daddy again”

We found out about our second before Easter and told my In-laws with a stuffed chick “from their grandson” and an Easter egg “from their next grandbaby”

My oldest son announced the news of our 4th to family on his 4th birthday when he opened a present with a picture of the ultrasound (prearranged, of course."

We’re all done now (although I wanted 2 more) but it’s still fun to think of ways to tell people…

What was one of the foods that you craved during your other pregnancies? Something unusual?

Maybe you could ask him to bring home some of whatever that is. Maybe he’ll get the hint.

LOL What about a baby themed dinner. I saw it on a TV show a long time ago…

For dinner she served baby back ribs, baby lima beans and little baby ears of corn. Then she asked him if his dinner was trying to tell him something. LOL He didn’t notice the them until he verbally said all the food items. It was cute.

Or what about writing it on a cake, or in a card. “When we had our first I thought you were a great daddy. When we had our second I realized you were twice as great as I originally thought. Well… this morning confirmed that you are 3 times the father you used to be. You just keep getting better.”

Julie!! Congratulations!!! :muah: :muah:

grape bubblegum with the first and pinon nuts with the second…

I saw that tv show, full house. But I really like the cake/card idea. Until I read your note I had a picture of my older two that said, we love you daddy… and then folded behind that pic is a pic of the preg. test and it sayd … all 3 of us.

:teehee: It WAS Full House. Jesse and Rebecca!!! I remember now!!!

Awwwwwwww your idea is sweet. LOL I am starting to envy you the excitement of having such wonderful news to share!!!

When I became pregnant with my third, I had extra birthday invitations laying around. So I wrote out a birthday invitation for my expected due date. We were trying for our third, but for some reason I found that one the hardest to tell the rest of my family. There is a bigger gap between my second and my third and I’m sure my family thought we were done. I was 4 months pregnant before we told anyone else. Now everyone keeps asking us when we will try for our girl (We have 3 boys) , but I can assure them there will be NO fourth.

:stuck_out_tongue: so did you tell him yet?

Whoa boy! I don’t know about this one. I think the t-shirt thing is cute, but the new baby might be in college before he notices so maybe you should think of something else! lol Hope when he finds out he is overjoyed though! Congratulations! :muah: :hug:

How about saying “Guess what, next year this time we’ll have one more deduction!” Just call me a romantic :teehee:

I’d thought about that, due date is Dec 4th

not yet, we’re having spaghetti for dinner and he always wantes me to make meatballs, never have (almost married 4 years) and so tonight I’ll make little meatballs and give him the card.
The front has a pic of our first, with the saying “when we had our first I thought you were a great daddy” and then a pic of our second below and opposite corner and words: “when we had our second I realized you were twice as great as I originally thought…” and then he opens the card and (I"m sure he’ll have figured it out by then) he’ll see the pic. of the positive pg test and read “Well this morning I confirmed that you are three times the father you used to be”… thanks by the way for that great saying!
Also I’m going to put in his lunchbox for Friday’s lunch (he’s off tomorrow) a card with the two kids pic on the front that says, We love you Daddy…and then it’s taped up and you open it and there’s the pic of the pg test and it says, "all 3 of us"
Thanks so much for all your help guys-y’all are the best.
I’ll let you know thurs or fri how it went. I think he’ll have a healthy crown and coke tonight… :teehee:

Congratulations! I love that card idea and hope it goes well tonight!

Ok don’t kill me but I think this was was probably FULL HOUSE!!! Rebecca cooked a meal of all baby stuff like baby veggies, baby back ribs etc… that’s what it sounds like… Don’t ask how or why I remember :roflhard:

Yay!!! He should know by now… I hope he is as thrilled as we all seem to be!!!