OT: How to add small pic with user name

I couldn’t find where else to post this question. How does one put a small photo in with their personal information (screen name, location, etc) I thought at first it was in the Avatar section of the profile, but after trying submit a small pic of my kitty (under 12K and 80x80pixels) it keeps coming back saying it needs to be under 12K. I want to scream, “It is under 12K.” Then I figured that’s not the right place.

What on earth am I doing wrong?

That’s strange. The avatar is the place to put a small pic. The only reason I can think of it not working is that maybe the format isn’t supported. Or maybe the format is what’s making the file too large??

OOOoooh techies … calling all techies … knitter needs assistance in aisle K1 :wink:

You could also try putting your pic on a page of its’ own (on your personal webspace), then link to that photo in profile section entitled “Upload Avatar from a URL”. Maybe that will work :??

I had the same problem… Make sure that your image is no bigger than 80 pixels X 80 pixels. That should take care of your dilemma.

Thanks, all. Seems I’m not so dumb after all. I kept on trying and finally it took it.

Off to knit

LOL…I got Amy to do mine!! Meaning my avatar bc I have no profile pic…I am your basic all American NON computer geek of any sort! So, if I have a computer related problem along here…Amy :notworthy: , our fearless leader, to the rescue :thumbsup: