OT: How often to you talk to your mother?

If your mother is living (apologies to those who no longer have a mother) and you have a relationship that involves communication, how frequently do you talk to her by phone?

Who calls you or her?

If you live near enough how often do you see her?


We talk practically every day. Mom usually calls first, but if I haven’t heard from her and realize it, I’ll call her.

I try to see her at least weekly. She loves to see her grandkids as much as possible.

My mom died when I was 20 (cancer).

Okay, I know you didn’t ask so disregard if you have no interest, but… I talk to at least one of my daughters almost every day by email. We talk on the phone a couple times a week.

I talk to my mom every day, even if there’s nothing new…lol…I used to see my mom and dad more, when hubby was going to school in the evenings, but, there’s been so much going on lately I haven’t been going over there as much as I used to…They live only a couple streets away from me though, within walking distance…lol…My family still sees each other a ton though, we’re always getting together for birthdays or holidays, or just 'cause.

Once every ten years or so. Our relationship is less than cordial and more than strained.

Mom lives about 15 minutes away…talk to her weekly, we call back and forth. I realize how fortunate I am to still have her and I want her to know how much I love her. She’s 77, still working as a caregiver (a job she’s great at), active and a superb cook and very accomplished crocheter. She’s always been my biggest fan and supporter…a gorgeous, auburn-haired woman, tall and very ladylike. She’s the very best!!! :muah: :hug:

We talk on the phone once a week at least. Now, during the holidays, we’ve been talking a LOT more. We usually have our Sunday evening chat though.

My mom is about 3 1/2 hours away, so we only see each other about once a month. Sometimes it’s longer between visits and sometimes shorter, but it averages out to about once a month.

She doesn’t email much and it’s usually just pictures or forwards if they do email. She convinced me to get Skype so she could see the kids more often, but she hasn’t installed it on her computer yet! Silly Mom!

Used to be once a week, since she was diagnosed with breast cancer we talk almost every day. She lives about 10hrs away so face to face vists are only a couple times per year.

My mom lives about 45 minutes away. I see her at least once every two weeks, sometimes more. We talk on the phone every couple of days. We’re very close and have a great relationship.

I work with my mom, so it’s everyday but Sunday for me.:teehee:

I do talk to some other family members, but with them its more of a friendship than a feeling that I have to talk to them because of biology.We text, hang out all the time(any free time), and watch movies with all my other friends; and we don’t [B]ever[/B] censor ourselves for each others’ comfort. We are us regardless.We could debate and disagree and see [I]some[/I] truth in the other side and even change our own opinions because of some new information.

I could never bring my friends to see my mom because she would ask what their races,religions and sexual orientations were before she’d approve of our friendship.Let’s just say I changed my number 5 months ago and none of us cares that she didn’t get the new one.

My mother and I are more like friends. She lived 4 hours away from me for 18 years. Now she lives about 1 mile away.

When she lived 4 hours away, we communicated by e-mail every day. I have Vonage, so I called her whenever I wanted to talk, but I’m not much of a talk-on-the-phone person. We saw each other probably every few months.

Now that she lives just down the road from me, we still communicate a lot by e-mail. We’ll shoot each other a quick message frequently through the day. We see each other probably twice a week, once being on Sunday at church and then we have lunch together.

My Mom lives about 50 minutes from me. That’s 50 minutes if there’s not one bit of Dallas traffic that I have to sit in. We usually see each other either once a week or once every two weeks. We meet for lunch half way. We talk or email a few times a week.

My mother and I were never friends. I left home at 19, hoping to get as far away from my folks as possible. Still, they followed me around…forced themselves into my life after I had children. I tolerated their visits once or twice a year.

After my mom’s first heart attack when she was 66, she phoned once a week, and I would try to comfort her. Then she had another, and heart surgery, and decided she wanted to move in with us. My husband said no, and fortunately my Dad didn’t want to. We tried to find them accomodations closer to us than the 4 hour drive, but Dad didn’t want to leave his home of 30 years, so they stayed there until Mom had a stroke, at age 78. My brother, husband and I had to clean out their house and sell it, and find them a nursing home to live in within an hour’s drive from both of us.

Mom now cannot speak at all, and I enjoy her company much better this way. I see them once a week when they insist on coming here for lunch and supper.

Not everyone has a good relationship with their parents. You who do are fortunate, I guess.

I know exactly what you mean! My mother has a very sharp critical tongue that even at age 57 cuts me to the bone every time. She would be so much easier to be around if she didn’t speak.

My mother is ridiculously critical, rude and condescending. Because of this, she actually has no friends; not [I]one[/I]/zip/nil/nada.See!It’s not just me that can’t stand her.There is a club. I’m sure not speaking would get her social life rolling on the right track.She could even be “a great listener” one day XD

I talk to my Mum once,maybe twice/month. She calls me back after I leave a message. She lives on the other side of the country so I haven’t seen her since I visited two years ago. She has only visited me here once in 20 years.

I talk to my Nana (grandma, she’s the one that raised me, we do not speak of egg donor after she said the unforgiveable to me… egg donor is dead to me and bio-sperm donor has never been in the picture) at least once a week. She lives about 7 hours away (as i drive) so I don’t get to see her very often at all (as in i make the drive once every 2-3 years… it’s hard with dh’s work schedule and the kids school/sports schedules… we’re planning on a surprise visit to her next month)

I talk to my 89 yr old mother daily, sometimes twice a day. She lives 1500 miles away, so I only see her every few months - when I fly there. She is here right now for 3 weeks - yes, that is a very good thing. She is a wonderfully sweet and funny lady and I love her dearly.

As we are now living in the same house hold, I see and talk to my Mom everyday. However, prior to that we would talk on the phone about weekly and see each other a couple of times a month (we were about an hour and a half away). We are lucky to have always had a great relationship