OT: How Many Of Me

[color=blue]A friend just sent me this website, thought it might be fun to share :flirt:

2 people in the US share my name lol

Stay warm,
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294 people share my name.

There are 4 people in the US with my name. And only 1800 or so that have my last name…not too many of us.

:shock: There is only 1 person with my name, ME!

There are only 810 with the last name, not so popular I guess!

There are 4,882 people with my name who spell it “Joseph” and 1,129 who spell it “Joe”, let me see… carry the 1… six thousand and eleven people. Add to that several hundred Josephines and Jos… well, it’s a pretty nonunique name I’ve got.


There are 435 people who share my name. If I use my maiden name, there are 4036 people!!! :shock:

I got 34 for my full name. 500,000+ for my first name, 17,000+ for my last name.

This is what I got… :teehee:

There are 0 people in the U.S. with the first name Dustina.
This name is not found in our database, this means the name is relatively uncommon. what this means.

I know there is a younger girl out there with my name cause she asked mom if she could use the name… she is a twin and her brother’s name is Dustin…

My last name has 62.993… my maiden name has 239,975…

It says no one has my last name, which I know no one but my family does but why don’t they include that instead of saying 0 people have my last name?? :shrug: hmmm…

I wonder how many are in China! Probably not many :slight_smile:

The site is not that smart. I did “Wentworth Miller” and it told me that zero people have that name, BUT under the list of famous people with the last name Miller, he was listed.

396 people with my current name. It says 0 people have my maiden last name. crazy talk.

I got a zero for my married last name. Hmmm, there are about 30 rekatives within 10 mins of us with that last name. Database is a little off…

There’s only one of me in the US.

6,000 people share my first name.

56,994 people share my last name.

Weird. :hmm:

There are 76,492 that share my first name.

And there are 0 people that share my last name. :?? My last name is very unusual. I think this proves my family is from another planet! (Don’t worry Mom & Dad I still love you!) :muah:

There are 15 of me! How in the world, with my first name spelled the way it is, can there be 15 of me – in the US – with a French-spelled first name??? :shrug:

Gotta share a quick story.

A few years ago, when I lived in south FL, someone called and asked for dh. After a minute or two, dh determined he wasn’t the person she needed. She proceeded to ask him if he had a wife named Nathalie. He said yes. Turns out there was another person with his name and mine (same last name), spelled the way I spell it, living not too far from us with a similar phone number. Way too weird!

There are 172 people who share my full name. I feel so… common… :pout:

:hug: There is nothing …common about Marchingtwinkie3!


:hug: There is nothing …common about Marchingtwinkie3!

Aww! That sure is true! :happydance: [/i]

First and Last name - 237

The only person it listed with my full name and maiden name was me. I tried with my nickname and it listed no one which makes sense since it is the census supposedly.

Interesting. :slight_smile:

29 of me! 1,00,395 with my first name (no surprise…!) and 8,789 with my last name (didn’t realize there were that many!).

ETA: Apparently there are 0 people in the US with my brother’s name. I always did suspect he was a figment of my imagination… :teehee: