OT: How do you track an order in KP?

I placed an order through Knit Picks, I got a tracking number… but cant figure out where to track it… anyone?

KP uses SmartPost – I forget the affiliation… it’s either FedEx or UPS. I Googled the word SmartPost and got one of those companies. However, the tracking number brought up nothing when I entered it for my KP shipment. This might be because SmartPost ships packages to the closest USPS site to you and therefore “switches” carriers. Most likely, shipping entities won’t use the same tracking number. :?? The shipping distribution center is located in Grove City, Ohio. I received my shipment 5 business days after ordering from Raleigh, NC.

'Sorry, I don’t have a very helpful answer to your tracking number question.

5 days? Yupii… I might get mine soon then… I did the same thing and it didnt work either… :S

Ill be patient and wait… :shock:

I ordered some color cards from them (my first order) on March 6th and got them two days ago. Kinda slow considering I live in Ohio about 2 hours from knitpicks! I hope when I place an order of yarn from them it is faster than that. I’m not into paying for express shipping if I can help it.

I’m shocked that you live in Ohio and it took that long. I’m in Columbus (actually less than 30 mins from grove city) and the longest it’s ever taken a KP order to get to me was 5 days, and that includes a weekend. Typically my orders are here in 2-3 days. Is it bad that I’ve ordered from them enough to have figured out that if you order early in the week, delivery takes longer? (at least in my case…LOL):smiley:

That did take long. :??

I’m in Wisconsin and placed an order on Thursday. It arrived on Tuesday. I’m in love with my yarn.

It’s funny you posted this because I’m going through the same thing!! I’ve been trying to track my order and FedEX doesn’t show it. I emailed KP and they haven’t responded. I live in WA so I’m closer to the Vancouver site. I guess I’ll just have to have patience and trust the system! I’m the crazy kind of person who loves to track my purchases every step of the way. I check on it twice a day just to make sure it’s getting closer to me!! :rofling:

Im the same way! I would watch “fed-ex cam” if they had one on their site! LOL!

A smartpost shipment is “processed” by FedEx and “shipped” by USPS. KnitPicks should be able to track the shipment for you.

i’ve never been able to track it using their number provided for SmartPost.

i live in Seattle and my last order took 8 or 9 days :frowning:

when i lived in Buffalo it always was 3-4 days.

I just got a response from KP saying my package was getting a little bit closer. :smiley: ecuzzacrea, I’m surprised it takes that long, you are just up I-5 from them. They say mine won’t get here until the 31st (a full two weeks). I live in Colbert, just North of Spokane. Hey I know this is OT but if you know of any great LYS in your area I’d love to know about them. I feel a roadtrip coming on!! :cheering:

Ill keep waiting, tomorrow it is one week since I placed my order… :S I am so impatient!!! :rollseyes:

I finally got a response from KP saying that my order (shipped on 3/17) would be here on the 31st. Well it got here yesterday (3/24)!!! I’m so excited!! Hope your gets there soon.

Thanks Nina…

Mine was shipped on the 17 too, thats what the email said… hope it gets here today… :XX: :XX:

Nina, you were right, I got my yarn order yesterday morning… I wasnt here to receive it, but my wonderful husband called me at work to let me know… :wink:

I have already started my first booga bag!!! :XX:

:roflhard: :roflhard: