OT-how do you know if you broke your toe?

I think I broke my toe last night. :verysad: I tripped going up the darn stairs and jammed it really really good. now it’s killing me :waah: It’s getting a bruise and it’s swollen a bit more than the other one. I can move it but it really hurts to. Does anyone know how to tell if you broke the darn toe without going to the stupid er??? :wall:

Does your insurance company have a “talk to a nurse” type hotline? I’ve called mine when I wasn’t sure whether or not my problem required medical attention.

Oh, here’s something I just found on webmd.

There is no way to tell for sure w/o going for an xray unless the toe is off at right angle or bent weird somehow. Broken toes usually are quite bruised, but that is probably not a fool proof method either. They also hurt… a LOT!

There isn’t a whole lot they can do with a simple broken toe. They usually just tape it and tell you to stay off it and use cold packs. However if it becomes more painful or swollen, numb or feels like the circulation is not right GO to the doctor. My dad keeps reminding me that my grandmother lost a toe because she refused to go when symptoms increases.

I’ve had several and the really bite. I gotta watch where I put my feet! :doh:

thanks guys! I just took some ibuprophen and will see how it feels tomorrow I guess. At least today is sunday and I have an online quiz to do and then some tivo’d csi to watch (and knit of course :rofl: )

There isn’t much they can do even if it is broken. I’ve broken toes more times than I want to think about. The only time they did anything about it is when it had to be set. Otherwise, Ice for first 24 hours in 15 min on/30 min off intervals and heat after. Keep it propped up as much as possible to keep weight off.

I’ve had non-broken toes hurt a whole lot more than the one I broke badly, so pain isn’t really a good gauge of if it’s broken. There just isn’t much that can be done one way or another.

I broke my big toe falling down the steps. It bruised. I changed shoes so I could walk; later my foot swelled up. I never went to the dr. It is ok now except I can’t bend the first joint. Now I can’t pick up stuff with that foot. :teehee: It all happened a number of years ago, like probably about 15 or 18 years ago.


Thanks guys for all your help :muah: I can kinda walk a bit on that foot now after all day with it up. it still hurts like a big swear word and it’s swollen and bruised, but I hope it will get better.
I love this website! I feel like you are all my long distance friends and even if I don’t post something every day I do check in and look at all the recent posts almost every day! :heart:

Busted both my middle toes one day when a girlfriend stole her kid’s go-ped and brought it over so we could ride it (we’re in our late 30’s). I thought I’d grab my motorcycle helmet in case I crashed and when I pulled it down from the closet shelf it pulled a curtain rod I had stupidly stuck up there down with it on top of my foot. :roflhard: It hurt so bad but I knew we’d never get another chance to ride that go ped so I crammed my foot into a tennis shoe and went for a ride. I came home, took the shoe off and about passed out. The toes still give me trouble and it’s been a couple of years since then.
Anyway, here’s some positive vibes being sent your way and a hug, hope you feel better tomorrow. :hug:

Regardless whether it is broken or not, trying taping it to your second toe. I know that is what they did with mine. Second toe acts sort of like a splint. Wear some of your hubbys socks so there is lots of room for your healing toe or better yet open mule type slippers. I know it is winter, but if you have to work, try and wear open toed shoes or it will hurt a lot! Our dr said it is one of the few bones they can’t cast and taping is about as good as it gets until it heals itself.

I stubbed my pinky toe once and knew it was broken because it was sticking straight out to the side. It throbbed like crazy. The ER taped it, gave me some pain meds and a boot cast.
Good luck. I know how badly it hurts.

Nonny is right
Tape it firmly, but not Tightly to the next toe
use the widest tape you ahve
that is not wider than the longer toe is long
change the tape every other day
IB for pain, ice for swelling every half hour or so
I use Lima Beans
NO ONE eats them, and the break up nicely in the bag to mold to the body part well

Sorry this is happening to you
it WILL feel better