OT - how do you get the avitars?

I went to my profile but where it says avitars, there was nothingon the list. Then I found the link to the cute duckies - how do you get one of them?

I am not what they call “Computer Literate”. :lol:


If you want a duckie, just put your mouse over the one you want, right click and select “Save Picture As” and then name it whatever you want.

Come back to your Profile and select the Browse button where the Avatars section is and find what you called your ducky and click on it.

The avatar pic can be no longer than 80 by 80…

Linda, if you find one you want to use, feel free to pm me and I can help you through it :smiley:

Thanks to both of you. I will try on my own (so I can say Ooooh Look at what I did!) :cheering:


Ooh, look what you did! :cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: