OT - how do you do that name instead of the link thing?

That is so cool and I am sure its way easy…but I can’t figure it out!

okay it took me a bit to get it memorized but what you do is

[url = www . knitting help.com ] without spaces

so it looks like without spaces when done.

the way i did it for a while was to get my cursor where i wanted to type and then hover my mouse over the URL button. The instructions are in there so you can just follow the instructions until you are use to it.

good grief i edited that about 43 times to make it look semi-readable.

one thing, is that in the text area (like where i typed “without spaces”) you CAN put spaces there! :wink:

Nice visual Brendajos!
I wish this were more intuitive a system.

I find the easiest way to do it, is to type the word(s) you want to become the link, and highlight them with your mouse. Then click on the URL button, and it will surround the words with the [url ] code on either side. From there you need to insert the “=www.yourwebaddress.com” into the first [url ] so you type the equals sign (=) and then paste in the address after that.

Still complicated, I know, but by highlighting the word, and clicking the URL button, you save a lot of typing. With the copy and paste feature, it’s easy to insert the code.