OT--House hunting....sorta

So i have sorta decided that maybe it is time to start considering buying a house. i usually do this about once a year and about five minutes later it passes. well this time it has stuck and i think that within the year i will probably be moving in.

so today i was looking around to see what’s out there and i am full on kicking myself in the tookus for not getting in touch with a lender yet because i found these two available right now.

pretty house one that needs me to live there cuz it is pretty and super cheap! looooooooook at it!

pretty house two that needs a wall paper change…

loook how pretty they are. and can you imagine how gorgeous that second house could look at Christmas? i soooooo need to talk to a lender…really

Thoes are beautiful! And only like a 5 min drive from me which of course makes it even better :wink:

yeah i thought they were probably pretty close to you so your job is to take you and your kids over there and act all crazy and stuff so that no new people wanna live there okay?! :rofling:

lol no problem. I will set up camp in the back yard and scare prospective buyers away. My hair in rollers, house coat cooking over a fire pit, screaming obscentities with all the little chil’ins runnin bare foot. Think that will keep them away? :roflhard: :roflhard:

PERFECT! :rofling:

What lovely houses! If I could handle cold weather I’d move from So Cal in a heartbeat. Those are absolute STEALS!!

Yeah, get thee to a lender asap. In the meantime, you should go to the open house at the second one on Sunday! See what the house feels like.

Good luck and have fun w/the house hunting :smiley:

Damn…those are purdy houses!! I bet you’ve already started planning where you’d keep your yarn stash, haven’t you? :lol:

OMG! Those are awesome. I live in a teeny-tiny, itsy, bitsy stucco box in SoCal that is now worth way, way more than I could ever, ever afford to pay. Hmmm… it gets cold ther in Nebraska, right? How cold and for how long? :thinking:

lol well it depends on the winter. last winter was pretty much gorgeous all through but for a few weeks in the zeeeeeeero degree range

some winters have gotten down to -35 before the wind started blowing! :rofling: of course that certainly wasn’t all winter long! :wink:

and yes…i was thinking “hmmm…room for a room mate, me, AND a guest room with craft area!..exxxxxxcellent!”

sadly i am no where near ready to buy but it may make me look closer at getting me to a lender sooner!

I love those, especially the first one! :inlove: We can’t get anything even close to that here!

Both of those are very nice houses! I :heart: the hardwood in the second, but I see what you mean about the wallpaper neededing to be changed.


ohh I love them both… I love the staircase in the 2nd one and the first one is really cute!!!

did you buy that buying a house book??? :lol:

Wow! That second house is gorgeous!! And what a great price! That’s amazing. I made DH take a peek, and we were both in shock over the price! That house would go for $500k here, easily! And I love that yard, so private! Gorgeous! Good luck house hunting!!

I’m jealous of the cheap taxes. :shock:

lol Sandra do you think anybody here would ever suggest our taxes are cheap? :rofling:

Everybody here loves the tax rate we Nebraskans were so lovingly gifted with.

Ack. That actually hurt to say. :shock:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

OMG!! My $72K house in Rochester was more than 2 times the taxes listed on that first house! NY has the worst tax rates in the country.