OT: Hooray, I didn't flunk Sociology

I’ve been fretting since last week about a couple of my classes, the final exam for Sociology was ugly, I really thought I bombed it and it was worth 35% of the grade…I keep checking for my GPAs and I got a C+ 2.33 in Sociology. I thought best case scenario C-! :cheering: :woot: :yay: I’m not generally an A student/uber smart so I’m real happy with a C+.

Waiting for 2nd year Anthro GPA to come in, that one is on the fence, too, I did OK on the final though.

Archaeology I’m hoping for a B+ or an A-.

I was even worried I might have ended up on academic probation but that was worst case scenario and with the C+ in Sociology, won’t happen. :yay: :woot: :happydance:

tl;dr: I passed one of the classes I worried about. :woot:

Excellent! :yay:

What are you majoring in and are you going to transfer to Colorado?

Arts & Sciences - Anthropology. But I’m just gonna look for a P/T job in Colorado.

Yay! Good for you! Great job! :thumbsup:

Thanks! :slight_smile: A lot of people probably think a C+ sucks but I’m ok with it!

I notice you are from vancouver; what college or Uni are you at? Just curious if you are my neighbour! :slight_smile: I go to Camosun :slight_smile:

PS most people think sociology is a bitch to do :slight_smile:

Um, I’ll PM you with that info…lotta lurkers on this board and I’m paranoid! Suffice it to say, I don’t go to Camosun. Sociology really IS freaking hard. Makes me nervous about Intro to Psych next semester, yikes!!!1


B+ in Archaeology. Waiting for 2nd year Anthropology grade to come in now.

Yeah!!! Way to go!! :thumbsup:

>A lot of people probably think a C+ sucks but I’m ok with it!<

I know I can’t do any better. I’m proud of you. :hug:

2nd year Anth. = C+. Total GPA : 2.663