OT: Homework help?

I’m writing a “corporate analysis” paper about International Paper for my accounting class and for the final part, we have to calculate a bunch of ratios and compare them to the industry. Between the text book and the other information my professor gave us, I got all the ratios except for “plant and equipment turnover” and “total operating asset turnover.” Anyone happen to know where I can find these? Google wasn’t very helpful, but I may be using inadequate search terms. I just need the basic equations for them. I have inventory turnover and total asset turnover and those are what I keep finding when I try to search it.
And I’d just ask the professor, but it’s due next class (Tuesday). :oops:

Hmm, I’ll try googling too to try to help you out. Otherwise, I have no idea what all that means.

Oh yeah, try other search engines too. They all have different results.



that’s from ask.com

I know it’s not much, but I tried. There’s also yahoo.com’s search engine. Hope that helped some. I didn’t know what those terms meant so I didn’t know how to rephrase. Usually, I am pretty good at finding things.

Thanks for looking for me. :heart:
Many of those were ones I’d already looked at from Google. :shrug: I’ll find someone in the class to ask before tomorrow.