OT - Home working - how many of ya do it?

Being in my current predicament with my back and not being able to work full time, I’m looking for home working opportunity that isn’t a scam, doesn’t have a financial outlay and doesn’t have anything to do with getting people to post you money!
Also, I’m not really interested in setting up a business myself as I hope to go back full time in a few months.

It’s not easy finding something like this so I’m looking into a proofreading course or something similar.

I was just wondering how many people on here have a paid job that they do from home, and how did you find it?


I do it - here’s a forum with more information:


There are lots of places offering legit customer service work by phone/computer at home, and I think there are forums for all of those places on this forum. Those seem to be the easiest/fastest way to get involved in work-at-home jobs that really are legit and pay and everything.

Good luck! don’t sign any contracts until you’ve done your research - there really are a lot of legit work-at-home jobs, but I think there are also a ton of scams out there.

I used to do mystery shopping when I stayed home with my children. Although most jobs require you to go out, you come home and input the reports.

There were assignments that you could do from home (book a trip online…cancel immediately after booking, etc…).

Google mystery shopping (which also refers to eating in restaurants, shopping online and IRL, financial promo assignments, etc.).

You could also try medical transcription.

Maybe you could do some bookkeeping from home?

Good luck!!!