OT-home remedy needed

I may have a blockage in my left ear. I have been dizzy and nauseous since Wed afternoon. The dr. wants me to come in on Monday but I would prefer not to. I will if it does not go away. In the meantime please help I can’t take it much longer.

I have had the same problem…allergies, eustachian tubes blocking. I didn’t want to go to the doc, either, I put a bit of peroxide in my ear & some heat on it & thankfully, it cleared up fairly fast without having to go to the doc. BUT, if it persists, I would get in right away :wink:

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide? Put about half a teaspoon in your ear and lay down on the opposite side. Leave it for five mn or so (the sound will drive you crazy), and then lay on the opposite ear to let it drain for 15 mn.

Another option is warmed olive oil – just a half tsp (measurement not important, just use it as a guide) – it can be very soothing and may help break up a physical obstruction.

Feel better!

One other suggestion that you might use in conjunction is an antihistamine, like OTC Claritin or Benadryl.

Thank you. I will try those as soon as I can.

Sometimes, just holding a warm damp washcloth on the ear can help it to feel better, too. Hope you’re better soon!

Hope these remedies work out, they can’t hurt. But don’t delay going to the doctor; this might be Bell’s Palsy. (Don’t worry if it is, its an irritation of a cranial nerve.)

Could it also be wax build up? I’ve had that happen and the doctor sucked it out with something and it felt soooo much better afterward!

I was going to suggest olive oil too. Could it be a sinus infection? Something like Olbas oil dropped in some hot water and used as a steam bath might be good, then a drop of olive oil in the ear to loosen up any hardened wax and lie on the opposite side.

I had the same symptoms last year when I had fluid behind my eardrum. I went to the dr and she gave me some kind of antibiotic and it cleared up in a few days. I also used the eardrops for swimmer’s ear. Hope you feel better!

I have the same thing in both ears actually. And a tremendously bad sore throat (a week of no work or knitting. I’ve been in far too much pain.)

I was looking online for home remedies, and if it’s a bacterial infection or wax build up a good suggestion was warm sweet oil. Olive oil works too. (And some pureed garlic as it’s a natural antiseptic was also suggested). Warm it up in the microwave and then put a drop in your ear and lay on the opposite ear for a while (they didn’t specify for how long).

Collodial Silver was the one I was going to try, but I couldn’t find any places nearby, and I was in no condition to be driving, and since my bf and I were kind of fighting I wasn’t going to ask him to get it for me. (I did some more looking, and apparently if you use collodial silver for an exended period of time, your body can’t secrete the silver and will end up turning your skin blue, and possibly a darker color when exposed to sunlight. However, that’s after like 5 years of usage or something.)

Hydrogen peroxide was also suggested, but the only concern there was that if after the peroxide is gone, there’s still water reside left, this can leave more room for bacteria to grow and make it worse. One possible suggestion for that was a drop of rubbing alcohol afterwards to dry up the remaining water. This method kind of scared me, as the thought if it getting worse was just…terrifying.

I did the Olive Oil method, but to be honest, I didn’t really get much of a result. Most likely though, it’s because I believe my throat and ear infections are due to a viral infection. So, I needed medication. (Thank god for amoxicilin.)

I’d suggest giving the home remedies a try. If it doesn’t get getter in a few days (or by the time of your appointment) or starts getting worse, go in.
(Though, if you know of anyone with some spare penicilin or amoxicilin you can take that too, if it’s viral. But make sure you’d have enough for a full treatment - usually 1 pill twice a day for 10 days. This is, of course, assuming your not allergic to them.)

Here’s my suggestion, actually my hubby does this all the time, he puts rubbing alcohol in his ear. He just puts in a few drops. When he was a kid he had all kinds of ear problems and this remedy really helps him.

Good luck, I know how awful it is to have an earache. Hope you feel better soon.

i do that all the time when i start feeling an ear ache coming on. The only time i get them is when i get swimmer’s ear and found out, after two unpleasant bouts with it and dealing with antibiotics an stuff, that the alcohol was basically the same thing as what is in that swimmer’s ear stuff you can buy. dries the liquid right up. i have never had full on swimmer’s ear since then. (but it can burn a weeee little bit! :shock: ) i just get a q-tip wet with it and dab gently a smidge and i am good to go.

i don’t know that the pain i get from swimmer’s ear sounds the same as what Lindsey has going on though… :thinking:

I just had to quote this to clear up a common misconception. Viral infections cannot be treated with antibiotics. Most viral infections have NO medications available that can kill the virus. Instead, medications are given to control the SYMPTOMS, such as congestion in the sinus cavities in the head (including the ear), pain, and fever. Only bacterial infections can be cured with an antibiotic such as amoxicillin.

I’m feeling the ear problems here, but if they’re caused by a virus the only thing the doctor can do is give you better decongestants to help the drainage happen better, not anything to kill the virus. I have some other suggestions, but remember ALWAYS talk to your doctor or pharmacist before trying ANY home remedy. Any local pharmacy has a pharmacist available by phone during their open hours, and pharmacists have a wealth of information about all over the counter and home remedies, as well as prescription medication, and they are a highly underused resource in situations like this.

Peroxide is a good idea, but only a drop or two, not half a teaspoon like someone suggested. Peroxide breaks open cell walls, and you could do serious damage to your hearing if you’re not careful. My suggestion would be heat or steam around the area, like a hot washcloth, perhaps some eye drops in there to break up the wax (eye drops are usually sterile saline, don’t let the dropper touch your ear). Take a decongestant like Sudafed (see if you can find a 12-hour version, it’s a lot more medication at once and might help kick the congestion) and an antihistamine like benadryl. Also try Mucinex, which is a fairly new over-the-counter medication. It’s a little on the expensive side, but it’s really good at loosening up congestant and helping things flow better.

For the pain, try ibuprofen. You can take more than two at a time, call your pharmacist and ask for advice before doing this though, it may interact with any other medications you might be taking. I wouldn’t take tylenol as tylenol has no anti-inflammatory properties, and ibuprofen does. That way you can reduce any swelling going on in your ear as well as reducing the pain, also helpful in reducing congestion.

Remember to talk with your doctor or pharmacist before trying any home remedy, including the above. Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted!

Thank all of you for your replies. I did try the peroxide yesterday afternoon and that seemed to help some. The dizziness went away but I still had horrible nausea everytime I moved or was jarred (which with two active boys happened about every 20 seconds :rollseyes: ). I went to bed soon after them and SLEPT and today I feel somewhat better. Adding to all of this is I had started taking Claritin about a week ago. I know better than to take any “non-drowsy” med but I did it anyway and Wed night I hardly slept at all. I am still catching up on my sleep.

On the plus side I think I might actually feel like knitting today :smiley: :smiley: :cheering: :cheering: .

Thanks again, I knew I could count on y’all. :cheering:

My bad. :oops:

My bad. :oops:[/quote]

No, it’s okay. I’d rather you now know the truth and be able to share it with others than continue to not know. Never be afraid to be wrong.

There was one other thing in your first post that I missed though. Don’t ever have any “extra” penicillin or amoxicillin lying around, and encourage your friends and family to always completely finish their antibiotic medications as ordered or unless directed to stop by a doctor. Scientists believe that the source of many of our antibiotic-resistant bacteria are caused by people only partially finishing their prescriptions to treat infections, leaving some bacteria (the ones that until then had survived the onslaught of bacteria-killing drugs) to continue to multiply and mutate into more resistant forms of bacteria. This is very dangerous; I’ve seen nasty infections with bacteria that nobody can treat. Even if you feel better, finish your antibiotics!

Yeah, I did know that. And, to clarify, after you mentioned it I remembered that you can’t kill (most)viruses. Turns out I have strep, so my situation is completely different than hers. And for some reason I was thinking strep was purely a viral thing. I was checking online today and saw that it can also be bacterial.

I remember not following through with my meds when I was a kid, but since finding out about the resistant bacteria I’m a full advocate for taking it all.

Strep is short for “streptococcus”, which is a type of bacteria. However, the term “Strep throat” has become kind of the “kleenex” of throat infections, so the general public thinks of any throat problem that requires a prescription as strep. Good for you for doing some research! Careful, though, that the information you get is accurate (including or most especially from helpful people on knitting forums). There’s a lot of bogus info out there.

Anyways, I hope everyone involved here is feeling better! :thumbsup: And remember, WASH YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME. :happydance:

Hey Lindsey,

Also be careful not to overdose on your allergy medicine. A girlfriend of mine took two doses too close and it took her body weeks to stop being dizzy.