OT: Home Brewing--anyone?

[color=blue]Good morning all. I know this is a stretch lol. :teehee: But we have discovered a new hobby, brewing beer. The newest batch (#4)will be blackberry wheat. We are having a hard time finding out how much blackberry puree to put into a 5 gallon batch… anyone a brewer out there that might help us out? Thanks for taking the time to read this post! :hug:

anne [/color]


Knitting and brewing beer…interesting combination.

Sounds like something Mason would do. :teehee:

I used to do home brew back when I was in college. A good friend and I always brewed up a big batch so that it would be ready on New Year’s Eve.

[color=blue]lol initially this started out as DH’s hobby… so I would have more time for my hobbies :shrug: but somehow it ended up as “our” hobby :teehee:

I have found out though - that you do not want to drink too many of your own brews and pick up the needles. Strange stitches happen! :doh:

anne [/color]

my parents used to make their own wine - I think it’s was a popular 70’s hobby - but most of it was rocket fuel so they gave up after a while

Friends don’t let friends knit drunk.

My Dh brews. He never used puree but he has added 3-4 quarts unpasteurized juice to a 5-gallon batch before. HTH

My DH brews too, because I insisted that the man get a hobby that doesn’t involve getting covered in motor oil. He has a batch going right now, as a matter of fact. He uses kits though, so he doesn’t have to think too much about the ingredients, which he buys from williamsbrewing.com.

We will check out that site tonight, thanks! The first batch we brewed was a kit. After that we wanted to experiment. This will be the 4th batch - so far so good lol…

Thanks again! anne [/color]

I found this when I was crusing the internet, thought it was fitting

:?? hmmm on a knitting bag, T-shirt… would it work on a bumper sticker? :shrug:
Speaking of bumper stickers… saw one last week “Hookers do it on a rug” poor woman must have thought I was aiming to put my Subaru in the trunk as I got close to read it :roflhard:



I absolutely love that pic! I do end up with some very interesting stitches when I’ve had a few too many…My mom is a weaver and she always has to go back the next day and check the loom to make sure she didnt’ screw up too bad! :roflhard:

We got a home brewing kit for Christmas…I know it said something about adding fruit in the instructions. Let’s see…

found it!

It says to use 1 15oz can of fruit in light syrup. It also says “never use pie filling, unpasteurized fruit, or fruit with imitation ingredients.” It recommends using “Oregon Fruit Company” canned fruit, but I bet you could use anything.

Blackberry wheat beer? :drool:

I was home one day after getting a root canal, and I had taken some pain medication. Well I was knitting away, happy as a clam, then I fell asleep. When I awoke with a needle poking my ribs, I had been asleep for several hours. And I looked at what I had been knitting. I don’t know what I thought I was doing, but that was some crazy knitting!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

How true!!!

Ship me a case and don’t forget to use that We drink & We knit photo as the bottle label.

A guy I work with brews his own beer and he said that he would only like a hint of the blackberry and would add about a cup to a 5 gallon mix. and that he would add it at the secondary. whatever that means. :shrug: :teehee:

[color=blue]Thanks Sandra! :hug: It is like learning a new language lol. secondary, hydrometers, hops, so many gadgets and gizmos. 1 cup per 5 gals hmmm…

anne [/color]