OT - Holy Toledo! TechnoKids

I’m sitting for two of my cousins who are both in about 5th or 6th grade, and they just came up to my room and asked me to come see what they’ve been doing out in the shed.

Well, it turns out that they’ve been hooking up old computers, and they’ve got some of those white icicle lights strung up so they can see, and they’ve fixed an old TV! They told me they’re planning on fixing a printer next. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve figured out how to splice the cable and hook up that TV by dinner time!

I think it’s some pretty amazing stuff for two kids to be up to! :shock:

you better keep a tight grip on your needles no telling what they could use those for, My brothers took stuff apart as kids, never got it to work and was usually stuff that belonged to me. Looks like you could put them in the long dead work of a fix it shop.

Haha–kids are amazing and hey–at least you KNOW WHERE THEY ARE and what they’re up to!! SO that’s always a good thing.

Kids never cease to amaze me! I swear they’re getting smarter and smarter with each generation.

That’s what I figure. They aren’t hurting anything, it’s all just junk anyway. They were playing games on that old computer not too long ago!