OT- Holy cow! Rain like I've never seen!

We don’t get a lot of thunderstorms or any big storm really. There were tornado warnings and rain like I’ve never seen. Our back and side yards were flooded. I’ve lived in this house for 31yrs and this is only the second time it’s ever happened. The front yard was flooded, too.

Time to start knitting an Ark I think. Our weather here has been mad too

Wow! That’s a lotta rain :slight_smile: We’ve had some unusual weather here in south Texas this year, too-some of the coldest weather ever! Though today its closer to normal at 70*F and sunny. So much for sweater weather!

Hope you can stay dry!

I heard you were in for a lot of rain from this storm. I lived in Santa Barbara during the February '98 rains where they got most of their yearly total that one month. I wasn’t in an area that got flooded or washed away though.

Nice to see flowers and grass despite the rain. What is the temperature out?

Tornado warning too, the news said. Time to hunker down…

That looks like one of our thunderstorms we get in the spring and summer months here in FL. Before speed bumps were installed on the road that runs past our house, water would over come the two storm drains and back up into the road to the depth of 4 feet of water since the road is below the land on one side and a concrete retaining wall to a subdivison on the other side making a natural collection area. The water once it filled that are would back up towards our street. You couldn’t drive through it with out disabling your car. I hope that you do not sustain any damage from that much water.

WHOOA! That isn’t rain…that’s a deluge!

POURING out by us too Jan and thunder so loud here at work that the windows shook and the car alarms went off. Wouldn’t you know that all this rain has revealed a leak in our window sill right above our bed :grrr: Can’t fix it til the storm is over.

hope you’re all OK. My son’s in Huntington Beach & I’ve seen it pour down the roads before in Mission Viejo,but a possible 20" in a week would be awful to comprehend. And tornado warnings, what’s up with that! I’m in central TX now and that sounds more like our weather. (((((HUGS)))))Verna

I’ll also vouch for that…I’m out here in San Rafael…Holy Smokes

I’m outside of Waco. My husband works in Austin during the week. This has been one crazy winter. But, we were outside shooting hoops with my grandson this afternoon and he worked up a sweat. (((HUGS)))Verna

I think it was about 59°F when it was raining.

The crazy thing is we had over 2 inches the day before, don’t know how much today and we still have a worse storm coming the biggest on Thursday when I have to be at jury duty. :mad:

Oh and we had no damage and no leaks thank goodness.

I spoke with a friend who lives in Carson, she said the drainage channels couldn’t hold every thing, and the Los Angeles River (a local joke, it’s a cement channel) was just about cresting. That and tornados made her decide to not drive to Long Beach to see her Mom. Tornados? Lived in the area for twenty five years, and never saw a tornado.

Up here at the other end of the state we are having lots of rain and wind. We’ve been under a high wind and surf advisory all day. Looks like you guys are getting more rain than we are or, you just aren’t used to it! It rains like this all the time here… that’s why we have the redwoods! Just stay safe out there!

That’s a lot of rain! I hope it doesn’t get into your house. That’s no fun at all. I actually caught a fish in my kitchen during our first flood in '89.:shock:

Haha Melmac, OMG!

I’m a bit north of Jan and it was raining cats & dogs here today too! And we had some loud thunder. T-storms are nearly unheard of here, and this was LOUD, ROLLING, LOOONG thunder.

My 3 year old dog has never been in a T-storm before and she was freaked out!

My older dog was like “Meh.” She used to live with me in NC where we’d get torrential rains, lots of T-storms, and hurricanes. In fact I got her from a hurricane.

That said, it makes it rather SL_W at work. Everyone cancels their appointments and we see fewer emergencies. Fine by me, I’ve got my knitting and a new knitting book! :happydance:

Lordy, Y’all are all over the news. Keeping you in my prayers (no mudslides OR floods). :pray: :pray: Crossed Fingers

Hope all of you out there are safe!

We had some minor flooding yesterday, but not sure about today. I heard it was pouring, but I had to spend the day in jury duty. In a courtroom for jury selection the [I]entire[/I] day so NO crochet, NO playing with ipod and NO reading. Arrrggghh! Just glad I didn’t get picked since it was a 16+ day criminal trial. Urk… :zombie: