OT: Hey, my Inbox is empty?

I just went to look up a message in my Inbox and it’s empty? I never deleted them. I wanted them for reference.

What the heck???

:?? Beats me… internet blip? I seriously doubt Amy had anything to do with it…

I didn’t even think of that. I wonder what happened… :??

Not saying at all that this happened but I was going to delete a message one day and accidentally deleted all of them by hitting the wrong button. I didn’t even notice…when it asked if i was sure i said “yeah” without noticing it was deleting alllllll of my messages!


Did you put it in your save box?

I’ve accidentally deleted posts, too. :thinking:

I suppose this is possible, but I hardly ever delete anything that’s what’s confusing me. Oh well, such is life. :smiley:

Odd! I can’t think of any ideas, other than Brendajos’ idea. Sorry that happened to you DogLover!