OT: Hey moms...talk to me about contractions!

Definitely sounds like BH to me – I had them from very early on both pregnancies (from 20 weeks with DD1, from 18 weeks with DD2) aaaallllll the freakin’ time. Luckily by the second time I knew what they were, and I knew the difference between those and the real thing. For me, anyways – there was a huge difference between the two. You’ve probably heard it a zillion times lately – every pregnancy, every labor is so different!

Hopefully your body is just getting ready and you’ll go into labor before your induction date! :pray:

Hey Christie,

The way you can usually tell the difference between Braxton-Hicks and real contractions is that real contractions will get longer, stronger and closer together. Braxton-Hicks may be consistent and annoying but that is all.

The suggestion to drink a couple of glasses of water is good because BH contractions are sometimes brought on by dehydration.

If I were you I’d be saving my energy for the work to come. That’s easier said than done, I know, cause the BH contractions put you on edge trying to decide whether it’s the real thing or not.

Actvity and changes in position can slow BH contractions – real contractions won’t be affected by this.

Can you take a warm bath? You might want to give that a try.

Keep us updated if you can – we are all rooting for you!


Just in case you are wondering, I was a childbirth doula until all my childcare options fell through and I had to head for early retirement :crying:

Wow Cristy, you make big babies :teehee: I hope you deliver before they induce, I mean who knows your body better, you or them :tap: Either way, have a good delivery and here’s to new babies (my favorite people) :balloons: :balloons:

I am a L&D RN and if I was talking to you on the phone I would ask you if the pain keeps you from walking or talking. If you have to stop what you are doing when you have the contraction/pain then they are making your cervix change. If you don’t then they aren’t srtong enough yet.If you have 6 of these or more an hour you need to go be checked out. Also if you water breaks with or without contractions head for the hospital.Now I will go read all the other replies. I have probably repeated what others told you.

Thanks guys–obviously a false alarm b/c here I am! :slight_smile: I feel okay this morning–dh came home and gave me a back rub and we watched some TV. I’ve been having BH for quite a while I just thought this might be the beginning of something more b/c while they felt similar–they were more intense and were accompanied by odd “cervical area” aches/pains/pressure. Maybe it just means things are opening up which is just as good to me! I guess I’ll know tomorrow since I have an appointment to be checked!

I wish he was coming w/o inducement–like I said, they were only doing it b/c of size. A few weeks ago they had thought they’d do it last week but they’ve since calmed down about the baby’s size a little–he’s slowed down in growth from what they can tell. At 35 weeks 4 days my ultrasound said he was between 7.3-and 9.3 so they were afriad I was headed for an 11 pounder if I went full term. Things have slowed a little (at least one of the doctor’s think so) so at this point, the inducement is just to make sure he doesn’t get any bigger than he has so far. I really had hoped he’d come before the inducement–it would be nice if he did–I didn’t really think I’d make it to inducement but here we are…just a couple of days away. At this point–I’ll be a week away so I’m not worried about his development or anything–I hate to mess w/ nature but I’m ready to get this baby here!

And yes…I do have large babies! I’m the only one too–everyone else in the family has normal babies (and no, I’m not gestational!). My dh was a big baby although he was born at 27-28 weeks…he weighed 2lbs 7oz. His “little” sister weighed 9.bs 8 oz.–she’s 5’11 now! I guess it comes from that side b/c in my family–we all come out average and end up short!

Thanks for all of the input–I’ll keep everyone posted.


Ooooo I had a lot of the cervical area pain. It was to the point that I could hardly walk at times. :doh:

I hope the baby comes soon!!!

I’ve had 4 babies, and all I can really tell you is that each one is different.
I had each with no meds, except a mild pain killer. My water didn’t break with any of them, and I had a lot of pain. I won’t describe it because I don’t want to embarrass myself with the way I reacted. :teehee:

The first for me was about 12 hours labor, and a quack doctor. (sorry) I was in a delivery room that looked like a torture chamber, legs strapped down, strap around my upper waist and both feet. :shrug: It was taking forever to get him here, and suddenly the Dr. (who was complaining about missing a baseball game) said “Oh, this one’s gonna have to be turned”. Once turned he was there in a few seconds.

Second one was 21 hours, and induced.

Third, 1 1/2 hours. Very quick.

Fourth, I don’t remember exactly but I think it was about 6 hours.

Check your contractions, if they are getting closer and stonger it could be labor, most suggest going to the hospital when they are about 5 min. apart.

I wish you the best of luck, I hope he’s here soon.

:hug: :hug:

Cristy, how are you doing?? :hug:

My first was born when I was 15 after 2 hrs of labor … my second one born when I was 21 came in the elevator on the way up to the OR … baby’s dad said “shoulda called him Otis” … third baby is the only one I can really remember … contractions started at 6 a.m. and all that would relieve it was kneeling down and putting my hand on my lower back … would nearly take my breath away … water broke at 8, hospital by 9 … contractions still coming all the way in … they just got worse … I was booked for a section because I had ca of the cervix some years earlier and my cervix is battlescarred and I’d had NO prenatal classes, NO breathing exercises, I KNEW NOTHING … however I was too far gone to section so they gave an epidural … but she had to be pulled out by forceps because she was stuck on the curve and I couldn’t feel the pushing … that baby was 17 yesterday …

Maybe by now the baby has arrived???

Aaah, inducement isn’t so bad. Just make sure they give you the good drugs as soon as they will allow you to have them. I hear Pitocin can make things pretty heinous without them! I was induced with my twins, and it was a walk in the park because of the meds–I slept through most of my contractions!

Anyway, [color=orange]EXCITING!![/color] Hope that baby comes out soon! :happydance:

Has there been any update? Does anyone know?

i’m a mum of 9 almost!, so i thought i’d put my input in lol…my waters only ever went with my first, for some reason they are less likely to go after 1st babies…it does sound like she having BH’s i used to get mine in my back too…i disagree with saying if you can sit at computer your not in labor, i did with my last 1…but i was in slow labor and didn’t actualy go to hospital till the following morning where i was scheduled for induction anyways as he was 10 days late…good luck hun…i am expecting my 9th baby in june and even i get unsure if i’m in labour or not xx

OHG. 9 babies??? :passedout:

I salute you Nikki. :notworthy:


Just wanted to know how you were doing…Keep us updated!

Watching for new baby! :oo:

My mom is one of 17 children…I kid you not. Same mother and father. Three sets of twins (of which she is one) – boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy. The first two (twins) died shortly after birth. The rest, all 15 of them, are still alive (mom is in her late 50’s).

.i am expecting my 9th baby in june

My mom is one of 17 children…I kid you not.

:passedout: :notworthy: :notworthy: :teehee:

BABY WATCH!! Has anyone here heard any news? I suppose no news is good news in this case. If she’s not here, hopefully, she’s having a baby!!



Thinking of you and yours and hoping all is well and you are holding your new little bundle of joy by now!

Looking forward to great birth stories!

Let us know how you are :muah: