OT: Here Today; Gone to MAUI!

Will be traveling this week - off to Maui for a little vacay! Say prayers for travel mercies. See you all again in a week!

Oh neat! Have a great time! I love Hawaii!

I love Hawaii too!

Have a wonderful time. Enjoy the whale-watching and the warmth.

You are so lucky!

Hawaii is my dream…I don’t think I’ll ever get to go. But it’s fun hearing about your trip.

I especially love the title of this thread, “Here today, Gone to Maui” :teehee:

I hope you have a lovely time here! Yucky weather right now, but the waves are exciting to watch today.

Aloha Monica!
Are you back yet (boo hoo) or still sipping something fruity by the pool?

We’re back! And we had an amazing time! I’m hoping this link works. It’s supposed to take you to all our Maui pictures!

Thanks for the pictures. Of course you had a great time, bet you’re already dreaming of going back.

You stayed in Ka’anapali! That’s great, you would have gotten wonderful views of the whales spouting just off shore then. Isn’t the boardwalk along the beach great? We’ve been to the Westin and did the roof-top stargazing at the Hyatt.

Beautiful pictures! You are quite the photographer too!!

actually, the camera hog was my husband Scott. (except for the pictures of him, and one or two when I managed to get my turn. LOL!)

I loved the boardwalk! But, no whales! Lots of sea turtles, tho’!

We had a great time!

Great pictures (didn’t look through them all, yet)! So glad you had a great time here! How much of the island were you able to explore?

Whales have been seen here since October, but few and far between. Next month they will be starting to get really active.

Not much to be honest with you. Because this trip was “company bonus” for my husband, we were restricted to what we could access on foot, or to what they offered us as group trips. So, we did experience the boardwalk on foot (lovely, by the way!) and we did experience the hike along the pools & waterfalls (INCREDIBLE) they offered us. But that was about it! We drove past and waved at the ocean center (CRESTFALLEN to have missed that!!) sugarcane plantations, etc.

I’m so sorry that I really didn’t get a realistic exposure to your lovely island. My imagination will just have to fill in the details for me. :frowning:

Where did you stay? In Kaanapali? We stayed there once and once a little further north in Napili. Did you go to Hana? That pool looks like it could have been there.

The company put us up at the Hyatt Regency (pretty nice! LOL!)
We really wanted to go to Hana, but they assured us that was way too far away! So, to be honest, I don’t know where they took us! They said it was a private property.

Although there are beautiful sights on the road to Hana, I’m not sure it’s quite worth the hype. What do you think Jan?

Looks like you got to see some beautiful views anyways. And someone appreciates the flowers.

Sorry to hear the whales weren’t really around yet, we’ve been a few times but always between Jan-May. Missed them the first time, so had to go back.

I don’t know, I think it’s gorgeous with the waterfalls and all, but it’s really an almost all day trip. I think it’s one of those things that you should do once if you have the time. :thumbsup:

You deserve all the sunshine, warmth, and love in the world!!! So happy for you!

The flower appreciator is, believe it or not, my husband!! (not that I don’t appreciate flowers as well! I DO!! It’s just that he’s the one snapping all those pictures! LOL!)