OT - Help Picking Out An Outfit * Got It! *

Okay. I am very bad at putting outfits together. I am looking for something comfortable to wear over Easter weekend as we will be in the country at a friend’s house. I have picked out an outfit and would just like your opinion on it. Here are the pants. I like the darker color. Here are a couple shirt options: shirt 1, probably in the white & shirt 2, maybe in orange?. Also have a couple shoe options: shoe 1, maybe in the beige color & shoe 2. Please help me decide. Maybe you will have a different option for me, like blue jean capris, or should I go with the lighter khaki color, a different colored shirt, anything. Be honest with me. I don’t want to look like a dork especially since one of my friends who is going to be there always looks so good! She has fashion sense and I’ve got none!!!

Thanks for your help!


If you go with shirt1, i would stick with white, but if you go with shirt 2, i would pick green. orange and brown might be a little fallish instead of springish. and i like shoe1. they look comfy…

i envy you wherever you live. it’ll probably be far too cold here over easter to wear clothes like that…

Ah. I hadn’t thought about orange and brown being too fallish, but you’re right! I like the idea of the green shirt. That would seem more springish. Good call!!!


i second sandra… i’d go with green…but i do like the orange! both shoes are cute. i would get whichever pair you would get the most use out of (for me it would be the first pair) and definantly the darker pants cute!!

If it were me, I would get pant 1 in the khaki color, shirt 2 in the green, and shoe 1 in the ‘gold’ color.

What will the temperature be? What type of activites?


I like the darker pants…I’d probably go with white on shirt 1 or if you’re going with shirt 2 the green or pink (I love the pink/brown combo). Both shoes are good.

Ok, first of all – give me an idea of how old you are? Are you tall and thin? Cause honestly, if you are not young, tall and thin, you won’t be able to pull off wearing those pants and in that case, I’d go for a skirt. You could find a nice casual khaki skirt that went with either of those shirts and even pull the shoes off as well.

I’m a big follower of Trinny and Susannah (from the original British version of What Not to Wear) and according to them, those pants are a big no-no unless you are Twiggy (ok, you may not be old enough to even know who that is and I am dating myself but suffice it to say, in her day, she was tall and thin and well – Twiggy!)

Here’s how I figure out what to wear:
[color=blue]The rules[/color]

Hope you don’t mind the input :poke:


I’m young, average, and not twiggy, and capris make me look shorter and emphasize my hips. I avoid them.

I was eyeing those Skechers in my Macy’s catalog yesterday! :heart:

What will the temperature be? What type of activites?

Well, the average temperature is around 65 to 70, although for some reason, where they are located, which is mid-Missouri, it always seems to be warmer. We are having a BBQ, do some fishing at a little lake/pond in their backyard and then have a huge easter egg hunt for the kids.

Ok, first of all – give me an idea of how old you are? Are you tall and thin?

I am 33, soon to be 34. Neither tall nor thin, although I’m working on the latter. I am 5’4" and around 180. I have worn capris before, but I must admit they were the longer ones. I will definitely be trying this outfit on before I buy it!

Thanks for the input and I love “The Rules” link. I will be reading that very closely!


me too and I wear capris ALL summer long. You won’t catch me in shorts unless I’m in the privacy of my own home. pants are too warm, and you hardly ever catch me in a skirt…

I want to thank you all for your suggestions. I had to make a few changes because what’s online isn’t always available in the store, but I took all you advice to heart! Here’s what I wound up with:


In the pants, I went with the light khaki color because once I tried them on, the dark ones made my legs look really short! They didn’t have the exact shirt I wanted available in the store, so I compromised on that and had to find a different one. I got the shoes in white because even though the shoes look more of a beige color online, they are very, very gold in person! Also, in the store, the shoes were all white and didn’t have the black outline, which I liked better anyway.

Thanks again for all of your input. I feel like I have an outfit I can be proud of!! You guys are great!!! :muah:


OMG, you’re gonna love the shoes!! I have them in white, light blue and pink. Last summer I went to Europe and needed something comfortable and cute. I bought the white ones, and I wore them the entire time over there!!! So comfortable and I got tons of compliments. I can’t wait to start wearing them again this summer…

BTW, I love your outfit choice!!!

those capris are really cute! :heart: glad you found something!

The capris are really cute and I just love those shoes! I just might have to go get me a pair! :teehee: