OT: HELP! - opinions regarding a Christmas gift

I’m buying for a friend I don’t see very often. We spoke the other day about how hard it is to buy for each other. I told her to keep going with the festive or hostess gifts she’s given me over the years, I treasure them. When asked what I should get her, she didn’t say anything specific, but did mention several crafts she’s trying to keep up or start in her limited free time.

I can’t buy items related to her crafts (it would be like a non-knitter trying to buy for us, where would they start??) and don’t want to [U]just[/U] give her a gift certificate to a craft store. So I went shopping with the idea that I could get something festive/hostess-y for her along with the craft store gift certificate. Ended up with a Christmas teapot that I really think she’ll like.

Now I’m undecided. Should I go with the teapot and craft store $$, or forget the craft gift certificate totally and buy 2 matching mugs?
Help please!

I think she’ll appreciate the teapot and GC! :thumbsup:

Thanks Jan. A comment from someone who doesn’t like giving/getting GCs made me start second-guessing myself, but I know I’d appreciate it so someone else crafty probably would too.

Giving GC’s alone often looks as though a person didn’t put any thought into it, but you got her a craft store one AND the teapot you know she’d like. :thumbsup:

You’re getting her a GC to a place where she can buy stuff for her hobbies. That shows that you were paying attention, not that you couldn’t think of anything.

Now if you got her a GC to a hardware store, that would be a different story.

I agree with the others…Since the GC is for a place she would WANT to spend money, I think it’s a great gift…Last year I asked for GC’s for Michaels and my LYS and ended up with over $100 in GC’s and boy was I a HAPPY camper…er…knitter!! lol…had they been GC’s to places I don’t go to unless I have to, well, that would have been a disappointment…It’s too hard for people to try to buy craft things for others unless told specifically what to get so I think a GC for a place she likes is definitely a nice gift…

Thanks for your opinions. I’m going with the teapot AND the gift certificate.

I’ll let you know how it goes later next week, after we get together.

Saw my friend the other day. She loved the teapot and was [B]thrilled[/B] with the GC!
Thanks for convincing me to stay with my original idea.