OT...HELP! I need to find a place to host files

I SO need help! Okay, I think that I touched on this topic right after I started blogging in May. A couple of people have emailed me after having issues with my patterns on my blog…those being that the patterns would not print…I, of course, have no control over this…whether it’s a browser, blogger, personal computer problem…I just emailed the patterns to these 2 ladies.
Anyway, this got me thinking…I would like to find a place (a small monthly fee is okay) to host my patterns, I would like to put them in pdf format.
I have googled pdf file hosting and have tried a couple, but what I get is a link to a page chock full of adds with “download file” in small print…this is NOT what I’m looking for rather I want to find a place that will host the file and give me a url to link to in my sidebar so that when it’s clicked on the pdf will open!!!
DOES THIS EXIST…I know it does, but I can’t find the creature…HELP!!!

I’m hoping someone can direct me to a file hosting site much like photobucket hosts pictures…now, that would be exciting and oh, so wonderful!

I thought about changing my blog to Typepad, but then I’m wondering which one to pick because of bandwidth issurs, as it stands now I’m getting several 100, sometimes 1000 or more hits a day on these patterns.
Suggestions are GREATLY appreciated :muah:

:pout: HELP ME PLEASE…I’M SO LOST :pout:

Isn’t it amazing how your hit count goes up once you get linked on KPC?? :happydance:

I use 1&1 for one of my sites and it’s been great, I think I’ve only had downtime once or twice in the past 2 1/2 years, (and I’m not even sure it was them and not my forum database). For $2.24 a month you get 5GB of storage and 250GB of traffic…that ought to do you! :smiley:

Thanks so much, Julie…now, please tell me like the computer novice that I am, what do I do? When I sign up I am then directed to the place in which I can upload my files and then given the web addy for the place that the pattern is hosted? Forgive my inability to grasp this computer nonsense, but I’m getting there…LOL!

Depending on who your ISP is, you may have some free space to host files that came with your account. As far as pdf, I use this free program to convert my word files to pdf

If you go with a hosting service, you’ll need to register your domain first, then you can upload your files directly to the domain with an FTP program. (Basically, moving your files to a new folder, except that the folder is on the Internet instead of your computer.)

So, say you chose whimsicalknitting.com (which is available! go get it!), then once you uploaded it, your file would be located at www.whimsicalknitting.com/file-name.html.

You can also host your Blogger blog on your own domain. The possibilities are endless… :smiley:

My boyfriend uses 1&1 and can’t say enough good things about it.

He really loves it. :thumbsup:

(I know about FTP and all that, but I don’t have a whole lot of specific knowledge about it. Just that he’d really impressed and pleased with it)