OT - Help find shoes to ease scholastic woes

So I’m all bummed because my feedback on the last draft of my never ending Zulu paper was not great. I don’t seem to be making any progress and I’m getting all depressed and thinking I just won’t be able to do it, in the end. I feel so stupid. Anyway, I need some retail therapy and yarn is just not enough right now (gasp!). I need shoes.

I have a favorite pair of shoes, Nine West, in the pics below. They have a great heel, about 3 1/4", but not too skinny so it’s all precarious and not too thick and clunky. They are opened up a bit for spring - fall weather, but not totally strappy so that my fee have to be in perfect pedicured condition to wear them (hah! I’ve had all of 2 pedicures in my life). I’ve worn these lovely shoes on 4 continents now, I’m thinking it’s time to find another pair. Plain like these is okay, but a little funky would be good, too. I like straps, cuz I always feel like non-strap heels usually have to pinch at the back in order to stay on my feet. Some front-runner contenders are:


I thought I had found the perfect shoes and ordered them in off-white, but the loop in the back cuts into my heel.
So I’m sending them back today.

Nikki sad. Nikki need shoes. Help Nikki.

I like the second pair you have linked there…those flowers are so cute!

i vote for Enzo Angiolini Francesca…they are so pretty, plus they have a CROCHETed flower! perfect! :heart:

I agree, although I do like the black pair too.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I’m definitely feeling your pain about the paper. Struggling through a history paper myself right now…

Sorry to hear about your paper :hug:

You are right – a good pair of shoes always brightens up my day.

I vote for these:

But they are all cute!

Just so you know – a cute pair of shoes is lovely but a cute pair of shoes after a pedicure is heaven :teehee:

Shoe therapy is such a wonderful cure-all, isn’t it? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red Tribeca ones (I think they were the 4th link).

Here are my current favorites (the green ones):

I know they don’t have a strap, but I swear, they feel like they were MADE for my feet.

Happy shopping!!

While eating chocolate…

Thanks, everyone. :hug: I love all those shoes, but each of them is missing like one little thing that would make them perfect. The black Chum pair I really like, but they’re a little plain. The Tribeca pair are great, especially in the wine color, but I was hoping for something a little more opened up. The Enzo pair I think are my fave, but why does the heel have to be so high? Shoemakers, heels are still cute at 3"! You don’t have to make them 3 3/4"! :doh: But really, I think I can’t go wrong with any of these lovelies. :teehee:

I’ve been working on this paper forever. I started working on it for real last October! But I’ve been thinking about it and building up to it prolly for 9 months now. This isn’t even my dissertation, just the 2nd of the 2 “qualifying papers” I have to write before I can even propose for my dissertation. I think I don’t qualify. :frowning: I write 5 pages, get rid of 3, get rid of 15, write 13, and so forth. But I never seem to get the right analysis. There are always problems. I have no idea how many hours I’ve spend reading, writing, thinking. I’m just not smart enough to do this kind of super theoretical abstract modeling. Where’s the "gun to head " smiley?

I can totally emphasize with you! I submitted the final draft of my master’s thesis thinking “WHoO0HOO” I am finally done…nope…both the first and second reader tore it apart! well not completely unsalavagble but I really thought I was done!

I bought more sock yarn…I felt better!

Feeling your pain…have been revamping my “essay” all day after researching all day yesterday for it. Every time I take a little break and then return to it, I find something else that needs tweaking.

Pray. That’s my advice. God will help you pull it all together.


For what it’s worth I really like the second pair with the flowers on the toe. I am so jealous that you can wear heels like that !! Even if my feet could tolerate a shoe like that, I would fall and break something - grace is not my middle name. Plus, I work in a hospital and have to wear sensible shoes like Dansko all day.

Best of luck on your paper. My DH is working on his PhD in Biomedical/mechanical engineering so I see his frustration all the time.

anthropologie usually has great t-straps.

sometimes I go there, then look for them somewhere else (like my $60 or whatever going is going to make a difference, right).

but they were having sales recently too.

I hope you find them.

hang in there- I used to find a good night sleep let my brain puzzle out what needed to be fixed in my MS papers… and new shoes never hurt either!!! I love zappos- they have such great return/ shipping policies.

You sound like you deserve some new shoes!

I am not in school, but am a working mom of a 2 year old and I have had 4 sinus infections since December. I recently treated myself to some new Cole Haan sandals (and a dress). A friend is treating me to a pedicure since I designed wedding invites for her nephew. Cole Haan is my absolute favorite shoe brand. They are really comfy and have funky styles.


Thanks for the advice. Cole Haan and Anthropologie look cute, but too expensive for me. I have to go about $80 or less, lest my retail therapy start interfering with my food therapy. :slight_smile: And I do like those Naughty Monkey shoes. I like a lot of their shoes, but why are the heels so high?! 4" is too much for anything for me unless I’m just sitting down trying to look cute.

My papers’ problems are hard. Real hard. Other people have worked on similar things for years with not much better results (if you ask me). I’d like to do better than them, of course, but it’s hard to believe that I’m going to be able to work on an area for such a short time and come up with something these people who have been working in the field for years, decades, whatever, haven’t been able to think up yet. Also, I’m a terrible writer. I didn’t know this until I had to write something with multiple sections, but I have a terrible time being organized and explicit, even with an outline. But I must toil on. Today was for crying, tomorrow’s for a plan.

Have you been to the Designer Shoe Warehouse? They often have high-end brands with lower price tags. I can only afford Cole Haan on sale too!

Good luck on the shoe shopping and paper!


Buy 'em all.

I can only wear the flatest of flats with slip resistent sole (tennis anyone?), so I envy you gals wit da pretty shoes. I can still remember buying pretty shoes with really high heels (sigh).

Buy 'em all. Too many shoes? impossible! Just do it!

I just saw this post. Where have I been?

I :inlove: these shoes…