OT-HELP-50th anniversary gift idea

My husband and I have been trying to find out his parents actual anniversary, but they are good a keeping secrets. Would always say, oh you know we’ve been married a little while now.
Well his brother called and they are having a surprise party next Sat and it’s the 50th anniversary.
Iam freakin out…:slight_smile: Mike’s parents are awesome, they are like the Leave to Beaver mom and dad. They have kept our daughter clothed, babysit and so on.
I really want to do something special, but with such a short time frame and working fulltime I don’t know what to do.


Laura C

PS does not have to be knitting. Any input is appreciated.

Go online and find the songs, and hits that were 50 yrs ago. Like top movies, etc. Take pictures of your family…like a quick this is your life… form their wedding pics to present… Get fifty .50 pieces… we did almost all of the above for my grandparents… my parents didn’t make it that long… He died after they had been married 45 yrs… but My grandparents loved all of the above… Hope this gives you an idea…

hugs :XX:

That’s one of the coolest ideas I’ve ever heard!!

Cool ideas, I was thinking of making a cd of songs they like to listen to.
I decided on a gift basket for mom (its going to purple and white- to represent Lavender and Vanilla, her fav things) Iam going to try to find bath things and pedicure stuff. I also thought of getting her a prepaid gift card, to go and do the Donna Dewberry painting class @ Michaels , I bought her one of the kits for xmas and she loves it.
For Mikes dad, it has to be tools and woodworking inspired. I was thinking gift card for the wood store, some other odds and ends etc.

I did find this site and thought it was a hoot, my MIL is a big book buff and it was too funny, try it out for a laugh.


On Snapfish.com you can buy an afgan with their picture on it. I always thought that stuff was cool. I like pictureboards, as well, or symbolic gifts like 50 of something. You could also look up what all the anniversary “gifts” are (ie wood, silver, glass, etc) and do some kind of montage of things that represent those categories. (like a series of small boxes, or a picture frame with fifty slots with images, or something like that)

One last idea is to perhaps make a quick scrapbook of images (you can find all sorts of images on google) that represent each year they’ve been married.

Good luck!

good luck!

How bout some matching socks; maybe with the number of years knitted in!

Write a “50 Things about Mom and Dad” … like the 100 things about Me on the blog threads. I did “95 things about my Grandma” for her 95th birthday and she loved it !

I LOVE the sox idea :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea!!!

Thanks everyone for the help:)
Here’s my finished results.

Mom’s Basket.
Hand Painted Flowerpot w/
Bath Pillow
Handknitted cotton cloth
Lavender Soap
2 bottles of hand/body cream(one Lavender and One vanilla)
3 Bottles of nail polish (pretty pink, lilac and peach)
A dragon fly broach thats silver encrusted in lilac coloured gems and a little pinkie ring in silver with matching lilac gems.

Dad’s Basket
Suger Free Hersheys Bars (hes a diabetic)
2 Cd’s that are made to look like vinyl records (made mixed cd’s of the number one hits from the 50’s and 60’s) Custom made the back labels with thier names and cute clip art with jukeboxes and teens dancing in poodle skirts and bobby sox. :slight_smile:
3 Scratch tickets
A package of carpenters pencils (he’s a woodworker).

There was a bit of a glare off the clear wrap, I should have taken a before pic.

Thanks Again

Laura C


Those are wonderful and very thoughtful gifts!

Lovely ideas and sentiments.
I think they will love their baskets!

Just an added note since you mentioned he is diabetic…
My mom is also, as was my best friend. In one of my jaunts I discovered THE BEST EVER candy store. They make TONS of sugar free stuff. I usually make my mom a Easter basket, Valentine box, Halloween baggie and Christmas stocking loaded with their treats.
www.candycounter.com (the company is called Wockenfuss and they are East coast but they SHIP!!!)
Some of my moms favorites: Dark Chocolate Covered Raspberry Jellies, Turtles, Bridge Mix, Chocolate covered Caramels and Peanut Butter Meltaways.

Their selection is awesome and I have never found another chocolate that can even come close to comparing. So… good…

They also carry non-sugar free candy. And I must say, one thing I can never pass up ordering are the Carmallows. Think large fluffy fresh marshmallows covered with buttery soft caramel. drool :heart: :heart: :heart: