OT...has anyone else tried this Orange Glo Hardwood floor

This Orange Glo hardwood floor refinisher is awesome! Check it out http://www.woodfloorcare.com/

I’m not sure if you’ll be able to tell from the picture, but the floor is so shiny and pretty. We’ve had it for about 6 years now and with dogs and cats it gets pretty scratchy. Instead of doing a full refinish…this is very easy…just like mopping. :heart: this stuff!

Can you buy it the stores? Did you use their kit and all or just the cleaner? What about that refinisher? So many questions! :lol:

Your floors look great, ours need to be spiffed up some and they were supposively just refinished a few years back!!

I originally bought it from the website. Recently though, I found it in Bed Bath and Beyond…and I get 20% off coupons from them all the time. I did use the whole kit. The pads are washable and reusable. I’m not sure what kind of results you’d get with other stuff. As for the cleaner, again, I did use their product, but it might be worth doing a test patch with your preferred cleaner and then the finisher on top. I never tried that.

Basically you just spray the cleaner on the floor and use a swiffer like thing with pad velcroed on. Then you switch pads and use the bottle to squirt on the refinisher…a lot like mop and glo application. It only takes an hour to dry and you can do another coat after 24 hours. I did two coats this time since the dogs were in the kennel and I think it looks even better than just one. However, one coat was still a HUGE improvement. It definitely gets two :thumbsup: from me!

I have been wanting to try it and just havent had the time to use. We bought a new home with new floors just last year and they are already looking a little sad- due to 3 large dogs scooting around on them. I’m looking forward to trying- thanks for sharing!

hey kemp~ your blog is off the chain!! it has come a long way since i visited las which was prolly back in June!!! you go!
back to the topic! i don’t have any hard wood, but if you hate sweeping the swifer vac is SOOOO a must have!! espcially if you have shedding pets!!! or kids that seem to miss their mouths often!

thanks koolbreeze…I have put quite a bit more work into it since then.

Swiffer…what can I say…might be the best invention ever. I use the swiffer wet all the time on my hardwood floors. I haven’t tried the vaccum yet though, but I probably will now! :slight_smile:

oh yay, I get those BBB coupons too! Just got one the other day, I hope they have it!!

I just started using the wet swiffer stuff too on our floors - our whole house is hard wood and laminate. I think I actually clean more often now since it’s so easy!! i still just sweep it with a normal broom though :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip!! :cheering: