OT Harry Potter

Anyone here a Harry Potter fan? I realize most of you are probably adults, but some adults really love it too. I know an 84 year old woman who does. I’m a huge fan, I’m getting my book at midnight tonight!

yes i have been dividing my time between pacing in front of B&N and AMC for the releases of Harry and Charlie! I have to go get my “number” tonight at 6pm and then go get my book at midnight-ish…

i am takin’ my knitting with me this year though…blinders will be on and i will not be seduced into buying other books!!

I love that series of books! My husband and I went to the store when the last one came out at midnight and stood in line. I was planning on doing the same tonight, but they changed my hours and I have to be in to work at 0700 tomorrow instead of 1100, so it will just have to wait till I get off at 3pm.

I remember when Rosie O’Donnell had Rowling on her show…she was still and unknown and wrote all her books in longhand and was astounded when Rosie gave her a laptop computer to write on! I went out and bought the first three books right after that interview and have loved them ever since.

It amazes me how well they make the movies…they are just like I pictured them as being when I read the books.


I’m a Harry Potter fan and so are all my kids.

It’s my dad’s 75th birthday party tonight, and after the party my two daughters (age 22 and 16) and I are going to the HP Party at Border’s. I have two copies on reserve that we can pick up at 12:01. What’s even better is the 40% off.

I’ll have to divide the weekend between knitting and Harry Potter - tough choice.


I just reserved my copy! :happydance:

I splurged and reserved the audio CD of the book, so I can knit and listen at the same time. Otherwise I’d be totally out of commission for all things for a week or two. …I’ll still be dysfunctional and totally have difficulty concentrating on the real-world for a couple of weeks, but at least I’ll get some knitting done!! :mrgreen:

Maybe I’ll pop into the HP party at my local bookstore. It starts in an hour. :sunny:

The university book store here is a Barnes and Noble affiliate. (However, they don’t accept the membership discount card! :mad:) So DD and I will be trekking the whole two blocks across the valley at 11:30 to pick up our copy. I love the fact that she’s still young and goofy enough to think that’s cool. :lol:

She is in the middle of reading Diana Gabaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber, so I think I may just get to read HP first! She was sick during one of the releases so I read it to her aloud. I may insist that we do that again. ‘She’s gettin’ too big to cuddle, Hy!’ :rofling:

On a somber note, some tears will be shed tonight over DD’s best friend who passed away 18 months ago, after a lifetime of suffering with a heart condition. Elizabeth’s absolute favorite thing in the world was the Harry Potter series, we wish we could share this one with her.

oooh…:frowning: Just as parents shouldn’t have to bury their children; children should never have to bury their best friend! Give her some extra hugs tonight!!

I just stood in line for an hour to get a number for my book, so i can go stand in line later i guess…lol. I am #122! Suuuupposssssedly, the line will go very fast later!..yeah we’ll see about that…lol. I am not going until about 11pm though cuz there is no reason for me to sit there the whole time, besides getting some knitting time in of course! :wink:

Oooh that sounds like a good idea. I bought the first book and fell in love so my mom bought me all the others and where are they? Sitting on my shelf on my desk…not even opened. I am soooo BAD!

Wow, a week or two, heh, I’ve gotta get it out of my head that other people inhale books, even a good book by JK rowling only lasts me a good couple of hours. ah well, suppose speed reading something isn’t always useful. :thinking:

we pre-ordered our from amazon; it will be here before 7pm tomorrow (there was no WAY i was going to endure going to the bookstore tonight).
I’m planning on reading it ALL DAY Sunday. I read the first 3 in one day each, HP&GOF in 4 days HP&OOP in 2 days… sooooooo I’m testing myself on this one :wink:

Heh, I do that too. I figure this new one will probably take me aboot a day to finish, reading intermittently. In fact, if I can get my hot little hands on a copy tomorrow I can probably finish it by the time my boyfriend is done work. And then I’ll have some inspiration to finish my little brother’s scarf! Yeah, that’s a pretty good excuse…

who wants to know who the prince is?

Wow! :shock: A bunch of speed readers here! Rorshach, you must be exaggerating, right? 2 HOURS???!! That’s insanely fast!! I’d say I’m jealous of your speed reading, but I’m definitely NOT in this case! :mrgreen:

Well, I just bought my audio book from Barnes & Noble. What a nightmare! Brendajos, I hope your “take a number” experience was better than mine! I waited an hour only to be cut in line by hoards of unscrupulous people, who pretended to have the right numbered tags, and no one was even checking. It was a real bummer to have so many people be jerks. :verysad:

To top it off, turns out B&N was selling this CD set for 20% more than Amazon! I paid $63! Then on my way out, I found out that Walmart, which was right next door, was also open late selling them, with no line, and selling the CD set for $49. :rollseyes: Oh and cassette tapes, which I didn’t even know existed, for $34! So, after all that chaos and suckiness, I bought the Walmart cassette set, and I’m going to return the B&N ones tomorrow!

Good girl!! I was going to suggest that. I can’t STAND rude people. Especially when I’m trying to be a stand up person.

Thanks for hearing me rant. Okay, I’ve recovered, and I CAN’T WAIT to start listening to the book tonight! :happydance:

Is the CD set UNabridged? I somehow got the idea in my head that books on tape/CD were edited. Who does the reading on this one?

My husband, who works graveyard, told me he left work last night for an hour and got me a copy…what a guy!

He did say it was smaller than the last one, thank goodness!


DH just went to WM to buy the book. None in town. :crying: Should have reserved one. :blush:

no, I’m not exaggerating. Though I suppose if you really want to get technical, it’s not really speed reading. I read ideas, and I’ve been cursed with a photographic memory. Used to be that my favorite activity was reading the encyclopedia. Anyway, as I started to say, it’s more reading for ideas. What’s suprising is, after getting used to that type of blurring of words is how quick words will jump right out at you.

Don’t worry about being jealous, my wife has all the jealousy for you. Then again in my line of work, it’s almost a necessity. :thinking:

I pre-orderd my book from Barnes & Nobles the first day I could pre-order. I figured it would be my birthday present to me. I got mine in the mail this morning about 11. I am not sure I want to read it now or wait til after the move…I am afraid I won’t get any packing done.