Ot: happy easter~

I don’t know if I will be here on KH tomorrow b/c it’s always such a crazy busy day but I just wanted to wish ALL of you KH"s a very

HAPPY EASTER~!! I :heart: :heart: :heart: Easter it’s one of my very favorite holidays… It’s spring time ( not HOT), everythings blooming, the weather is beatiful, all the kiddies get dressed up in their Sunday Best, and the Easter bunny stops by~ so to all of you I wish you a very



:pout: It’s snowing here… grumble grumble grumble…

I love the holidays! I get to spend time with my family, which our schedules don’t usually allow.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to All!!

It is about 20c° here in Northern Italy
and it is really spring like weather.
Happy Easter Monday
to whoever has Monday off!!


Yes, Happy Easter to everyone. It’s chilly here in Alabama with sunshine-no clouds in the sky-which is fine with me.

We actually have more snow this week than we did at Christmas…and it’s colder…rrrr~ Been a very weird winter. April for us really isn’t that warm but not like this!!!
Anyhoo, the sun is shining LIKE it’s 90 out :teehee:
Happy Easter everyone… my mom (who lives in Phoenix) is dressing up like the Easter Bunny for the kids at the schmancy golf property she works at…silly girl! what a 64 yr old single gal won’t do for fun :teehee:

Thanks, Here, everything’s green, but we have a cold snap right now.

a blessed Easter to one and all. Family’s gathering at my daughter’s but I’m doing the cookin’! (YAH!!) Chilly here, we’ve had a late winter/early spring cold snap, just for a little variety in our lives.

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Hope everybody has a peaceful and joyful Easter (and a fun one, too, of course!). Christ is Risen!!! :cheering: