OT: Happy Dad Day

laughs I know this is probably only me and Joel… Not sure about the others…

But happy Dad’s day none the less… :slight_smile:

Here you all go… it’s a little… well oddd… but it was the only one I could find that really fit… :slight_smile:
Ecard for Dads

Lets not forget those single moms who serve as both mom and dad. Happy day to you, too. :heart:

Yes… :slight_smile: let’s not… sorry for the one sided look :slight_smile:

:happydance: :heart: happy father’s day! :heart: :happydance:

Happy Fathers Day to you Dave and Joel! :balloons: That card is a thoughtful one. I hope you have a great day!

Are we forgetting any KH Fathers?

Ingrid, that makes me laugh. I think those women can get special recognition on Mother’s Day! Leave the Father’s Day to the Fathers! My mom was a single mom, and the idea of giving her a card on Father’s Day would have been like implying she’d had a sex change operation or something. :roflhard: Please, let us honor our MEN today. This is their holiday and they deserve it!

I tried calling my Dad this morning but he wasn’t home. I’ll have to try him again tonight. :heart:

Well nice… I got some garbage pail kids (Re-issued 4th season) and the Knit Stich Bible and the Knitting Journal… :slight_smile: The bible is AWESOME…

You all should check that out if you ever want to make your own designs…

Cool card Dave!

Only one other that I know of… Rorshach has a very young child. His “million dollar baby”. And yeah… kudos to the single parents (men and women) who play both mom and dad each and every day.

Hope it was a good day for each and every one of you.