OT: Haley's Hints

Does anyone have any of his books?? Does anyone know who he is?? I saw him on PBS yesterday and was amazed at what I saw him do with the simple household items. Graham Haley is his real name I believe.

He sure is fascinated with womens nylons :rofl:

Just wondered if it was worth buying or not.

TIA :heart:

Never heard of him :shrug:

I’ve never heard of him either. :thinking:

i have heard of him, but i don’t have any of his books or anything. sorry

My SIL has given me 2 of his books. They are actually quite interesting! They have lots of info in them, so I haven’t read them cover to cover.

I’ve seen his demonstrations on PBS a few times. He always amazes me. I have a couple of his hints in my head that I use often. I’ve thought about buying his book before.