OT - hair

Well, yesterday I got my hair cut. I went in to have 10 inches cut to give to locks of love. That’s what I told the hair dresser.

My hair was past my waist. I haven’t done anything but a trim for 20 years.

It now doesn’t even reach my shoulders.

10 inches? I don’t think so.

I wasn’t looking. Big mistake!!!

At least the people at locks of love should be thrilled.

:cheering: :cheering: It will grow! You did a wonderful thing there!! Good for you!!! :heart:

You will get used to it! At least it is going to a good cause. :wink:
I used to have pretty long hair, and got it cut above my shoulders a few years ago. I love the length now! :thumbsup:

I’ve cut my hair off several times, and each time it grew back. My sister just cut TWO FEET of hair off of her head last fall, and it’s already below her shoulders again. I was looking at her and thinking about how short her hair was, and then I realized it was only short compared to when it was long, not compared to other peoples’ short.

:cheering: WTG, you are brave! I am sure that it looks lovely!! Does it feel weird without the weight of your hair?! I know they are so excited to get your hair, that’s just wonderful of you :smiley:

:cheering: thats wonderful and It went to a really good cause too… :thumbsup:

Yay! I did the same thing almost two years ago and I donated more than a foot. :shock: I’ve decided that I actually prefer my hair shorter, so I’m really glad I cut it off. Maybe once you get used to it you’ll love it? And if not, it’ll grow back in much less than 20 years.

The first time you wash your hair is really strange though because there’s far less of it than your used to.

I would love to see a photo of your hair before and after. That would be cool to see. That is a wonderful thing you did!

My girlfriend just did that yesterday too! They had a big thing here with volunteers from a local salon to cut the hair. What a wonderful gift to give.

What a wonderful donation, Maggie!

And it will grow out–no worries there. Doesn’t your head feel about 20 lbs. lighter, and your hair all swingy? I love that about a long-overdue haircut!

What a wonderful thing to do!! I’ll bet you get used to it in no time at all. Watch out the first time you wash it- you won’t need anywhere near as much shampoo!! :wink:

Oh wow, I wonder if the hairdresser thought you wanted to leave 10 inches and that’s why she cut off so much?

I used to have really long hair and I remember that the first time I cut it short it was pretty traumatic – but it grew back much faster than I expected.

You’ve done a really wonderful, and generous thing! :thumbsup:

I remember a time I went to the salon (OK, not a salon, Supercuts) and asked for three inches off the ends of my hair, whick was past my tailbone at the time.

Fortunately, I was watching the woman like a hawk, and I caught her just as she was about to take off six inches. I was annoyed, to say the least. She insisted that she had to cut off the extra, there were split ends. I told her that if she cut off all the split ends she might as well shave my darned head!

She pouted, I glared. I got my three inch trim and she didn’t get much of a tip. What a day!

I’m sure Locks of Love will be thrilled with your donation, and your hair will grow back. :cheering:

and CONDITIONER! :rofling: a girl i worked with went from past her shoulders hair to past her ears hair and didn’t consider the change in product when she was washing her hair. she said it took forever to get the conditioner out! :rofling:

thank GOODNESS i have come to realize i am a short hair girl…my product need is sooo much less than when i get the hankerin’ to grow it long!

i am not sure that means i buy less product though! :rollseyes:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
What a wonderful thing you did!
Don’t worry too much hair grows on average half an inch in a month. It won’t be too long before your hair is longer again!


I have the opposite problem. Everytime I go to get my haircut and ask for 3 inches, they always cut much less. I always have to say please cut the FULL 3 inches off.

I had a hair dresser that I LOOOOVED before I moved and now I can’t find a good one. :crying: Maybe I’ll let mine grow and cut it for locks of love. :smiley:

Thanks everyone. Now that the shock has worn off, I think I like it. :smiley: The comments have all been very positive. My favorite comment is that I look much younger.

I have now decided to let it grow again and cut it when I turn 50 so that I will look 40 or 35 or 23. :mrgreen: