OT: hair salon

I am thinking of purchasing a hair salon.
Sissy was my childhood nickname. I have been trying to come up with a catchy name for the salon. (Its already named but I want to change it). Anyway what do you think of “Sissy’s Scissors”? Is it cute or cheesy or just a tongue twister. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Sis :woohoo:

I like the name !

:yay: :blooby:

It’s a bit of a tongue twister, but it’s catchy, too!

Sissy’s Place

Sissy’s Hair Salon

Sissy’s Hair Design

sissy’s sassy scissors

(Try saying that quickly!)

:yay: I’ll keep Sissy’s Sassy Scissors in mind- I like it!

I agree with Dollyce’s choices. :thumbsup:

Snips by Sissy

Three words often sounds better.

Can you believe a hair salon across the street from me opened up last year and named
themselves Curl Up and Dye ???

I am a big fan of feng shui and I swear to god I told my husband that salon would not last, something with death in the name. And it did not. It closed.

At one time I went to a salon with the same name “Curl Up and Dye” she is still in business. I asked her once where she got the idea for the name and she said she got it from somewhere else with the same salon name. Oooooops

Gosh, I think there has been a Curl Up and Dye Salon just about anywhere I’ve ever lived. It’s really common.

You’re kidding! common! I never saw it before. Oh, then I saw it in a movie, forget which one and figured they took it from that.
Huh. I don’t like it but I happen to see caterpillars and such actually curl up and die so that’s why! I get the image of death. oh well.

as long as people remember the name, all is good. Even a “nasty sounding” one is good, if remembered.

Sissy’s Scissors is a LITTLE hard to say. But something along those lines… great.

“Sissy has Scissors” - how about?

“Sissy’s Scissors” doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence that I should trust you with my hair! Incorporating scissors into your logo would be good, but I think you need something more confidence-boosting. Maybe “Sissy’s Stylish Snips” (did someone else already recommend that one?) or “Sissy’s Salon” (which gives you room to add manis and pedis in the future) or something like that. But I think you need something in the title that gives an idea that Sissy can perform miracles with her scissors. OK, maybe not miracles, but at least that you know what to do with those scissors.

Quote: " But at least that you know what to do with those scissors."

Well, then, how about:

Sissy Scissorhands:roflhard:

[QUOTE, but at least that you know what to do with those scissors.[/QUOTE]

How bout…

Styles by Sissy

I like it the best of all the suggestions.

what is the name it has now