OT: Had to show off this little guy

Well this might narrow my location down a little for the yarn swap… but hey he was too cute not to share.

I wish I had put something in the picture for perspective. He was the size of a half dollar.

I let him go right beside my house, picked a spot where the stray cats couldnt spot him too easily. (not that many cats try to eat these guys. )

Is it a frog? A lizard? How cool!! :slight_smile:

Ooooooh he’s sooooo cute!!! :inlove:

I would have wanted to keep him and love him and pet him and snuggle him!!! Adorable.

I’m glad you released him out of harm’s way though.


Awww how cute! :slight_smile:

Oh my… That’s a Horny Toad isn’t it? I haven’t seen those in years!

Mama Bear

What is that?!
At first I thought it was a scarf…

:rollseyes: I’m sorry, I’m not the kinda person that likes reptilian type things…I like my animals with fur or feathers…interesting looking, yeah, but he/she kinda creeps me out :shock:

It is a lizard. Horned Lizard or more commonly known as a Horney Toad. (TCU uses them as a mascott… the Horned Frogs)

Hey, do you know the difference between a regular toad and a horny toad?

One says "Ribbit Ribbit"
The other says “Rub It, Rub It!”


I just LOVE that joke!