OT: Guess where I'm going tonight!

My birthday is on Thursday, but DH could not get off of work that day. I didn’t think it was a big deal because I had nothing planned anyway… it’s just another day ya know?

So DH springs on me that a friend is watching the kids on Tuesday night (tonight). I ask why and he won’t tell me… and he left me to wonder for a few days. But of course, he can’t keep a secret at all and he told me where we are going.

I’m going to…

Burn The Floor!

ahhh!!! I’ve been wanting to see this SO BADLY!!! Woohoo!!!

It’s still Monday here, but :cheering: :cheering: ! Have a wonderful time and a Happy Birthday! :present:

LOL, thanks Ingrid…I thought for sure I’d lost a day!!

:balloons: :present: [color=orange][size=7]HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY [/size][/color]:balloons: :present: Now, that looks like it’s going to be FUN :yay:

LOL OH yeah… sorry I forget we are a day ahead of you here in NZ. I always confuse my mother when I call home to Wisconsin, too… hehe…

Happy Birthday & have fun! :balloons:

WOW!!! He made arrangments for someone to watch the kids AND he made plans to take you out for something fabulous??? :notworthy: What a great guy!!! Have a GREAT birthday, and have a GREAT time!!!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! !

Did you have a good time?

I’m so jealous!!! I love that kind of stuff & don’t ever get to go anymore. Hmmmm… I think you’ve just inspired me to try & drop hints to dh to take me to something similar for my birthday. :wink:

Did you have fun? I saw on the site that they’re coming to the States next year. Are they worth trying to get tickets to?

Have a marvelous birthday, Sweetie! :balloons:

OMG!! They were MORE than worth getting tickets to!! I can’t even put in words how awesome it was!!

From the moment the curtain went up, I was in awe!! The dancers were incredible (not to mention damn fine looking, too!) LOL

DH is going to have a very difficult time topping this birthday present!! It was amazing! If one comes you way, I highly reccommend it!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like your DH gave you a great birthday treat!