OT Grrrr The Weather Gets Me Even Here

I’m home in nice, warm Florida and the Northern Winter weather still manages to haunt me. My orange knitting bag that I ordered from Jo Ann’s wasn’t delivered today because it’s been delayed in Philadelphia due to the crappy weather according to the tracking information. :pout:

Murphy is out to make certain that I don’t get that bag before leaving back out on the road again. :wall:

:!!!: :wall:

Yeah, I’m whining :rofl:

:teehee: Completely understandable! I hope it comes before you have to leave!

Congratulations, Mason! You are now experiencing a manic phase we here at KH like to call “stalking the mailcarrier”. :teehee: Welcome to the club!! :cheering:


:!!!: :grrr: I know how you feel it seems like that stuff always happens to me!!At least you are in sunny Florida and not here in Maine this snow is insane my front porch has dissappeard under all this snow!!

I went for a walk today w/o a sweater… :shifty:

Oh Jan now you are just bragging! :teehee:

I know what you mean Jan. I went for a ride on my recumbent bicycle in shorts and a tee shirt.

Oh yeah well I had to shovel about a foot of snow off my porch this afternoon just so I could let the dog out !!

Exactly why I live in Florida :rofl:

I know I should really think about relocating!!

Gotta say, I lived in Louisiana for 1 1/2 years and I would never do it again without reeeeeeally good motivation. I really missed winter…and autumn…and spring. (no two weeks total that includes all three of those seasons doesn’t count!)

That being said, i just had to turn my furnace up to 70 in order to get the chill off in here and i never turn it that high. I don’t think the wind chills got much higher than -20 today. shiver

I live just down the road from the, what’s his claim to fame, largest retailer of recumbents in North America? In decent weather, we have people trying out bikes on the road in front of our house nearly every day. :teehee: One guy has been coming from Australia for the last few summers because he liked the area so much when he came to try the bikes. [size=2](No accounting for taste, I guess.)[/size]

My DH is a bicycle enthusiast, also. He has ridden RAGBRAI (the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) several times. My sister has, too.

Cool. I’ve done a couple of MS century rides, but that’s about it.

Yay! The package arrived just a few minutes ago. Very nice bag.

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to organize everything in it.

:cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: You’ll have to let us know how you decide to organize everything!

Organizing the tote was easier than I expected. The pockets themselves are pretty intuitive as to where everything should go. There are spots on the inside for what I call normal length needles, and some on the outside for the really long ones.

All of my stuff fits in the tote with no problem at all. I have room and pockets to spare.

I have skeins in all six of the outside skein pockets as well as some skeins and balls inside. Still plenty of room for the projects themselves. The Options organizer can just lay inside the main compartment with the yarn and projects.

It really is a very nice bag.