OT: GRRR! Need a techie!

I have tried changing every @()%&(@&% popup blocker & firewall setting I can find, but I cannot open the shade cards on Yarndex…EVEN if I hold down the shift key whilst clicking on it. If I just click, nothing happens. If I hold down the shift key, a window opens, but I get a “Page cannot be displayed” error.


can you see the shade cards before you click on them to expand the window?

It’s not your pop-up blocker… they are running javascript for those pop-ups so the usual disabling will not stop them.

What firewall are you running?
What browser are you using?

If it’s IE and it’s not working, I would try downloading and installing Firefox. Far superior browser than IE.

If nothing else works, what I would suggest is if you rarely shut your computer down, try doing a cold reboot… shutting all the way down and then starting it back up. If that doesn’t work, it might be time for a reinstall of windows… sometimes when you haven’t had a reinstall for a while, the browsers and other programs start to do odd things. If you can’t reinstall windows, you might try booting into safe-mode and running a disk defrag.

I can see the shade cards before clicking on them…

I do use IE, and I have Norton Internet Security’s firewall…

I dont really want another browser…it’ll TOTALLY confuddle my DH. :lol:

The weird thing is that this is the ONLY website on which this happens to me! Do you still think it could just be a windows issue?

Do you have the java runtime environment installed?

If not, try this… download this and install it and then see if it works


See, if you want to view javascript applications, you have to have java runtime installed on your computer. Windows used to come with what was called “java virtual machine” but it doesn’t anymore, since Sun won an antitrust lawsuit against them. Now you have to install it yourself. If that doesn’t work, I would really suggest getting another browser. You can have more than one on your system, so your DH can still use what he is used to. I have three on my system now. I have IE, Mozilla, and Opera.

OH yes you do!!
[size=6][color=red]You need FIREFOX![/color][/size]


It won’t confuddle your DH! Really! I switched to Firefx a long time ago and my DH didn’t even notice or comment. Except when he noticed the awesome features. Once you’ve tried tabbed browsing, you can never go back. :thumbsup:

Did you ever get to see the cards?

Only if I turn OFF my popup/ad blocker. :wall: I emailed Norton to see if they could help, too…they sure take their nice sweet time answering! :rollseyes:

Thanks for checkin in on me, Kempy!