OT Growing Feet

I’ve been searching orthopedic sites and I’m not real sure what I am looking for.

I’ve got a 11 year old daughter whose feet are already size 9-10-11 depending on the brand of the shoe. I noticed that on the outside of her feet a bone is bumping out. It’s still in the skin, but it just looks like a boneybump is popping out of the side of each of her feet. Does anybody know what this is?

I took all her tight shoes and healed shoes away and threw her into a pair of crocs. I’m very concerned as she is a dancer.

Thanks for reading this far.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re so concerned about your daughter :frowning: . I don’t know what the bump is…could it be something like bunions?

Hopefully you can get it figured out. Hugs :hug:

It would be worth getting her to a doctor–they could be bunions or bone spurs of some kind.

My orthopaedist called bunion-like bumps on the outer part of the foot “bunionettes.” :mrgreen: Not sure if there’s a technical term for them though!

Oh wait! They’re called Tailor’s Bunions:

Yes, I think a doctors visit is in order. :hug:

Thanks gals,

I am still not sure what it is. I dont think its a bunnionette. Its lower then that.

With us being entepreneurs our insurance is so very pathetic. It’s basically there to cover hospitilization. So I really have to weigh whether I can deal with it at home or I have to go in. And yall are right, I need to go in with this.

I set an appt with the orthopedic next week. I trust them they always try non invasive first. So I am feeling better about this.