OT: Grandkids

Since my first child became and adult (and immediately went into the Marines) I have said that I’m in no hurry to become a grandma. I’ve repeated it often enough in the past 6 or so years.

Then my youngest son, 22, got a beagle puppy, and I’ve gotten to thinking that I’m cheating myself out of tons of knitting opportunities. I mean, knitting a doggie sweater for my two grandpuppies is nice, but I see all the hats and sweaters and booties and I tell myself, you know, nieces and nephews don’t quite cut it.

So, I think in about 3-5 years I might be champing at the bit for babies to hold, snuggle and spoil rotten. I’ll be in my late forties by then and quite ready to be a granny.

But I have to admit, I love spoiling the puppy while my son is at work, then handing it back to him when he gets home in the morning. He always asks what went on during the night, and I just answer “Oh, you know, same thing as when you’d spend the night with grandma.” :slight_smile: I think grandkids are going to be great!

I agree. Even though my only child is 5, I look forward to the day when I can spoil babies rotten and then return them! :woot:

I have two grandsons, Kaleb and Tyler. Kaleb is my daughter’s son and he will be 10 years old in 2 days. Tyler is my youngest son’s little boy. He will be 5 in JuneThe oldest grandson and his mom live with me and my hubby. Oldest son is not married and has no plans to get married. He is underweight and very small for his age due to kidney disease and a kidney transplant that took place in Sept. 2000. Kaleb is ADHD and very hard to handle. He is a thief and liar and has gotten in trouble at school many times. He has a bad habit of getting up when every one is asleep and getting into foodstuffs that we buy for his lunches for school. Not to mention wasting food he takes one bite out of and then decides he doesn’t like it.
Tyler on the otherhand is a very sweet little boy who loves to play and go to the beach. They moved back to VA. when my son got his orders(He is in U. S. Navy). They had been living in Key West for most of Tyler’s short life. So that was home to him. I spent Christmas up there in VA with them, it was their Christmas gift to me. This year his dad will spend Christmas with them.

I’ve found, with my son’s puppy, that I don’t have to discipline or anything. He doesn’t want me influencing his dog, which I respect, even though my dogs are all well behaved. I respect his wishes and spoil the puppy outrageously. I don’t have to live with the animal, so I don’t care.

Paradoxical psychology is sneaky. The kid should remember that every time he eats his vegetables at dinner.

I hope that, by the time I get grandchildren, I’m not too old to enjoy them. Presently, I have two “grand dogs”, and two “grand cats”.

My mom started telling me that she wants grandkids as soon as possible, when I was about 8. But also, not until I’m married and I’m not allowed to get married until I’m 45.
I’m not a big fan of kids anyway, so I tell her to go talk to my brother about that.

At Christmas mass, there was a little girl sitting in front of us on her grandpa’s lap. My dad turned to my brother and commented, "I want one of those!"
My brother pulled out his cell phone (mass hadn’t started yet).
“What are you doing?”
"I’m going to tell [girlfriend] that you want us to get to work on getting you a grandkid."
I thought we were going to have a murder right there in the church. :teehee: Dad did confiscate his phone for a while, at least.

For years and years and years…we only had 1 granddaughter.
She’s now 23.

But then all of a sudden…our other 4 children started cranking them out!!! We have 9 additional grandchildren, ranging in age from 2-12!

Wow! Talk about KNITTING OPPORTUNITIES! I remember knitting about 6 sets of sweaters for their baby showers! And since then, the sweaters keep churning out! It is so much fun!

But now the baby factories are quiet. Prolly no more. :pout:
The oldest daughter has 1.
The middle daughter has 2.
The youngest daughter has 2.
The oldest son has 2.
The youngest son has 3.

So for our 5 children, we got 10 grands! Not bad. I’m counting my blessings. Now if our kids had 5 each like we did…we’d have 25 grands. Well, the days of having 5 children are kinda gone, aren’t they?

All of our kids are GREAT PARENTS! That is a total blessing!
And we are not expected to raise the grands, nor are we asked to provide ‘daycare’ for them.

You wonder why I have the time to knit so much! :wink:

Ugh, today I was talking to my mother about how my boyfriend has a 6 year old son and her eyes lit up…rut roh, granny lust. She started grilling me on if he wants more and is he “material.”

I’m going to be 36 in May (she seems to keep forgetting) aint happenin’!

My mom is uber disappointed…neither me or my sister want kids. We are both married…not sure what it is for my sister, but I have a list long enough to get to the moon and back. Guilt trip city!

To each their own, I have negitive desire to have kids…shrugs

Beyond which, I have actually stopped knitting baby clothes. I might if it is a first baby, and there will be more…but a baby sweater doesn’t get enough wear time for all the effort put into it. I would prefer to make a blanket or stuff toy, something that is going to be loved for a good long time.

I started cranking kids out in the second baby boom. I had 4, and with the exception of my second child, they all profess to never, EVAR want kids, of any kind, ever. With my youngest sisters still having babies, there are always babies around (not to mention my older brother and younger sister who decided to start over when theirs were grown).

Right now I can say, if the raising of the puppy is anything to go by, none of the ones who don’t want kids would make even tolerable parents. But I have to admit, last night, when my son ran to me, upset because the puppy was throwing up leaves, I just said “Don’t let him eat leaves.”

If my dad were still alive I’d need to call him and apologize. :wink:

i have 2 granddaughters (ages 6 and 1) courtesy of the oldest (all 5 kidlets are boys)…

I was actually asked by my 6 year old granddaughter a few weeks ago why i don’t make mittens or gloves…

told her “i just haven’t thought to make mittens and i’m not crazy enough to make gloves.”

apparently her “old grandma” (her mother’s grandmother) knits mittens all the time for everyone… Time to put a pair of needles and some yarn in the 6 year old’s hands i think…

All of my daughter’s teen friends went nutso over her beanie cap and matching mittens. Isn’t it funny what they find they like? Right now the 15 year old is bugging me to make her a pair of the chick slippers I’m making for nieces for Easter.