OT: Got a "new" laptop

My friend sold his Gateway tablet notebook to me for a great price, my old gateway laptop can only run Ubuntu which is fine but it won’t work with webcams etc. My new-to-me machine is 2ghz and 2gigs ram and 138gig harddrive blah blah. It’s clean, runs very well and the screen swivels and you can “draw” on the screen.

This means I can skype with my boyfriend in my bedroom/anywhere now instead of just on my desktop PC. :heart: :happydance:

YAY! I am on the very edge of deciding to build a new PC for myself. I’m fond of the Frankenbox I have at my desk now, but, I want to move up to Win7 and I’m dying to get a new motherboard and video card.

I’m such a geek, cause I agree with you 100%!! There’s nothing like the smell of a new motherboard.