OT: Going to Petaluma CA

Hi all, I have to fly to Petaluma CA this week (kind of a family thing) anyway, I have been there before but never “walked” around town…Any LYS there or even Sonoma that I can, well you know browse (shhhh) you know what I mean:inlove: I did shop at one in San Fran, (castro district)…but I won’t be up that way this time…Thanks!!!

I remember seeing that a major yarn manufacturer was located in Novato, can’t remember who, sorry.

No. 1 Fourth Street
Petaluma, CA 94952
Phone: 707-762-YARN

Atelier Marin
217 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415-256-9618

Marin Fiber Arts
1026 Court Street
San Rafeal, CA 94901
Phone: 415-459-4600

[COLOR=#633100][B]Cast Away[/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]111 4th St.[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]Santa Rosa, CA 95401[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]Royale Hare[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]946 Lodi St.[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]Santa Rosa, CA 95401[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]Village Sewing Center[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]210 Coddington Center[/B]
[/COLOR][COLOR=#633100][B]Santa Rosa, CA 95401[/B]

Figures…Novato!!! I was there last year and travelled all the way to San Fran…I also stayed in San Rafael…Thank you sooo much


I was in the Village Sewing Center 2 weeks ago. They are a FABULOUS sewing machine store, and quilting supplies, but they don’t carry yarn.

Alchemy Yarns is located in Sepastapol in northern CA

OMG Just went to Knitterly in Petaluma:passedout: what a beatiful place.didn’t spend too much

I wanted to go there when we up in Northern Ca but they were closed the day I could go. It’s on my list for next time. especially since you said it was great!

Is it bad that I started humming Zep’s “Going to California” when I read the title to the thread?