[OT] Going on Vacation

Just thought I’d let ya’all know I’m going to be in Chicago from the 3-5 of August…

I know some of ya are from there… :slight_smile: Let me know if any of ya want me to look ya up whilst I’m there with the family…

Have a great time!

Seems to be the place to go this summer. :smiley:

Are you driving? you can wave to me whilst you are driving on 88!!!

Yeah we are driving… 80 - 88 then downtown by lakeshore is where we are staying… S Michigan

Chicago is great! First time or have you been there before? We always do an annual trip at least once a year, but especially in December. We are going the second weekend in December with the DH and kids. Apparently there is a great exhibit in the Science/Industry Museum if I remember right… cadavers. Everyone is talking about it. I don’t know if I could go… :oo: (i was looking for an “i’m going to puke” emoticon, but did not find one.)

I am going this weekend, leaving tomorrow, for a fabulous weekend at a cottage on a lake with my girlfriends. We do this every year and I can’t wait. Not that I don’t love my family, but sometimes, it just needs to be girls, sitting in the sun, drinking, laughing, and of course for me, knitting and spinning. :lol:

Have a great vacation in Chicago!

I’ve been there before… wifes first time…

We are going ot go to the Field Museum … they have a dino dig… that looked liek fun… I think the kids would love that

Yea, we saw the dino exhibit. It was pretty cool. We always like going to the Aquarium there as well. In the same general vicinity. Make sure to check out at least one LYS. That is something that I have NOT done yet, but plan to do so in December. I found a few listed for actually Chicago and not a surrounding suburb.